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Join the Biofeed Liquid Fertilizers Revolution

Join the Biofeed Liquid Fertilizer Revolution

ACT® supports carbon sequestration (or carbon drawdown). ACT® does naturally include one (1) atom of carbon with each individual molecule of L-form Amino Acid. Without such an atom present, there would be no Amino Acids. The L-form amino acids found in ACT® link together in chains, which as a group naturally surround and chelate nutrients to allow easier absorption by roots and leaves and are required for plant metabolic processes as the building blocks of proteins. ACT helps to reduce sodium toxicity, balance water biology, improve root and soil interactions, and has been proven effective over a period of more than three decades through agricultural, aquaculture, environmental, and turf-grass university studies world-wide.

“Dear Mr. Lee, I just love your Biofeed Products!
Biofeed Liquid Fertilizers are the BEST!”

Love, Mom