Join the Biofeed Liquid Fertilizer Revolution


As of 2022, Biofeed Solutions has formulated, manufactured, and distributed over 50 liquid fertilizer, environmental and specialty products which repair the earth’s soil and water. All Biofeed products employ our key ingredient, Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT).

Biofeed Solutions is proud to have supported earth’s ecology for over 35 years! Our fertilizers are made from high-quality, food grade ingredients. They are safe and non-toxic. Our products contain no synthetics or chemically derived additives.

Biofeed Solutions holds to its original goal of discovering innovative technologies and developing these into beneficial products that restore and protect the Earth’s precious environment. Our four core technologies are: Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT), Chelation Technology, H2O-Dehydrogenase (HDH) Technology, Nutrient-Delivery Technology, and Enzyme-Based Technology

We have grown from humble beginnings to today’s high-capacity manufacturing facility located in Glendale, AZ in the USA.