REBOUND™ is an organic based bio-nutrient that is formulated for use on agricultural crops with potassium and ACT®, which promotes the formation of phenolic acids that reduce plant stress factors during the growth or BRIX-cycle.

When applied to agricultural crops prior to harvest, REBOUND™ promotes the crop finishing cycle to promote maturation and yields.


  • Corrects potassium deficiency
  • Promotes drought and heat tolerance
  • Aids nitrogen uptake and regulation
  • Essential for Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production
  • Improves UV management
  • Faster cell repair following damage
  • Increases root growth and leaf maturation
  • Triggers activation of enzymes functions
  • Easily sprayed on or applied through fertigation
  • Increases crop harvest and bottom-line

Soluble Potash (K2O) ……………………………………..27.0%
Boron (B)………………………………………………………..0.5%
Derived from Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Borate.

Rebound™ contains Biofeed’s exclusive Amino-Cell Technology® (ACT).


REBOUND™ is highly concentrated for pro-level performance and value. Dilute with water to ensure adequate coverage. Jar test for compatibility prior to final tank mixing with other products.

AGRICULTURE: Apply 1-2 quarts per acre as foliar spray.


ACT® | L-Form Amino Acids, Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen that are key building blocks in all plant life. Contains freshwater algae.

ATP | Adenosine Triphosphate production (ATP) allows plant cells to conserve and use the energy released in metabolism.

BIO-NUTRIENT | Supplements derived from natural sources that help improve a plant’s ability to thrive without the use of chemical assistance.

BORON | One of the essential nutrients for the optimum growth, development, yield, and quality of crops. Boron performs many important functions in plants and is mainly involved in cell wall synthesis and structural integration.

BRIX | Enhanced natural sugar production (BRIX) promotes strong stem, leaf, and deeper root growth.

CROP FINISHER | Induces sugar uptake into the crop and completes the ripening cycle to deliver optimum results.

PHENOLIC ACIDS | The main polyphenols made by plants. These compounds have diverse functions and are immensely important in plant-microbe interactions/symbiosis.

POTASSIUM | Directs nitrogen use and water use in plants.

UV | Ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths can reduce plant genome stability, growth, and productivity by damaging the plant’s DNA.

REBOUND™ 0-0-27 Agricultural Crop Finisher

United States of America
2.5-gallon (9.46 L) jugs (2 per case)
55-gallon (208.2 L) drum
275-gallon (1040.99 L) tote
Other Countries
10-Liter (2.64 gal) jug
208-Liter (54.95 gal) drum
1040-Liter (274.74 gal) tote

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