Z-MAN contains elemental zinc and manganese with ACT®, which supports vital biochemical reactions in crops, plants and citrus.

When combined, zinc and manganese activate a broad range of enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of plant proteins. These also aid in the formation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates, and conversion of starches to sugars. Z-MAN helps the plant to withstand cold temperatures and drought conditions and is also essential in the formation of naturally occurring plant auxins, which help with growth regulation and stem elongation.


  • Supports dark green leaf production
  • Aids protein synthesis
  • Boosts carbohydrate production and storage of starches within the plant
  • Promotes natural plant hormone production
  • Improves nitrogen metabolism within the plant
  • Essential to the conversion of inorganic phosphorus into organic forms in the plant.
  • Promotes root elongation
  • Improves resistance to root pathogens
  • Easy to use liquid formula
  • Use year-round!


Sulfur (S)…………………………………………………4.0%
Manganese (Mn)……………………………………..4.0%
Zinc (Zn)………………………………………………….4.0%

Derived from Manganese and Zinc Sulfates.

Z-MAN™ contains Biofeed’s exclusive Amino-Cell Technology® (ACT).


Z-MAN™ is highly concentrated for pro-level performance and value. Dilute with water to ensure adequate coverage. Jar test for compatibility prior to final tank mixing with other products.

AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURE USE: Apply 1-4 quarts per acre every 30 days with a fertilizer injection system or as directed by your Biofeed field rep.

GREENS, TEES & TURF: Foliar apply 1-2 quarts in 25-50 gallons of water per acre, or for smaller areas apply 1-2 ounces in 5-10 gallons of water per 1000 square feet. Apply every 7-10 days or as needed with sprayer. Water normally following application.

FOLIAR FEEDING TREES & SHRUBS: Dilute 8-16 ounces in 200 gallons of water and spray on foliage to point of runoff.

ROOT FEEDING TREES & SHRUBS: Dilute 1-2 quarts in 100 gallons of water.


ACT® | L-Form Amino Acids, Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen that are key building blocks in all plant life. Contains freshwater algae.

AUXINS | A plant hormone which causes the elongation of cells in shoots and is involved in regulating plant growth.

CHLOROPHYLL | A natural compound present in green plants that gives them their color. It helps plants to absorb energy from the sun as they undergo the process of photosynthesis.

MANGANESE | Nitrogen use and chlorophyll production.

PLANT HORMONE | Determines the formation of the root, stem, leaf, and flower and facilitate the shedding of leaves and the development and ripening of fruits.

PROTEIN SYNTHESIS | Proteins are important in all cells and do different jobs, such as incorporating carbon dioxide into sugar in plants and protecting bacteria from harmful chemicals.

ROOT PATHOGENS | Root pathogens are organisms affecting root systems of plants. Wherever hosts of root pathogens occur in large densities they are more likely to become attacked.

SULFUR | Used in the formation of amino acids, proteins, and oils. It is necessary for chlorophyll formation.

ZINC | Hormone production and internode elongation.

Z-MAN™ Liquid Zinc and Manganese Fertilizer

United States of America

2.5-gallon (9.46 L) jugs (2 per case)
30-gallon (113.56 L) drum
55-gallon (208.2 L) drum
275-gallon (1040.99 L) tote
Other Countries
10-Liter (2.64 gal) jug
208-Liter (54.95 gal) drum
1040-Liter (274.74 gal) tote

Technical Bulletin – English
Safety Data Sheet – English
Ficha Tecnica – Spanish