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CHETROL™ (key-trol) is a concentrated formulation of ACT® plus added nitrogen that is formulated to control a variety of minerals, salts and heavy metals. This dynamic blend also aids in enhancing bio-degradation of a wide range of organics and complex hydrocarbons.

CHETROL™ is an effective blending additive for most granular fertilizers to increase nutrient efficiency.

CHETROL™ dissolves mineral scale and buffers sodium salts in soils and irrigation water that often tie up essential plant nutrients. Removes mineral scale build-up from irrigation lines and emitters, restoring water-flow and sprinkler efficiency.

CHETROL™ enhances herbicide uptake by buffering minerals present in tank water. This process improves herbicide efficiency, reduces usage rates and chemical tie-up of herbicides.

Total Nitrogen (N)….8.0%
6.0% Urea Nitrogen
2.0% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
Derived from Urea and Soy Protein Hydrolysate.

Please refer to the product label and/or technical bulletin for application rates.