You have a garden, with beautiful fruits and flowers, but have found a lot of insects and bugs inhabiting your garden. Many people, when they see a bug in their grass or yard, might react poorly, wanting to exterminate the insects that have moved in to their flowers, vegetables, or lawn. It seems almost instinctual: an insect is in the garden, it must be removed before it harms the plants. However, not all insects are destructive. There are many beneficial insects that can help your garden grow to its most beautiful potential. The beneficial insects are nature’s way of removing harmful pests from your garden.

Harmful Insects

It is not hard to imagine harmful insects in your garden. Harmful insects destroy your plants, eat your fruit, ruin your flowers, and can turn your beautiful yard into a living nightmare.

A few examples of harmful insects include (but are by no means limited to):

Aphids: Aphids are like lice: they move into a garden, spread throughout all the plants, and can be hard to get rid of. They are small, usually less than 1/8” in size, and cause stunted plant growth and spread diseases among plants.

Grasshoppers: Grasshoppers chew on vegetation, and the majority of grasshopper species will eat any type of vegetation they can.

Mealy Bugs: feed on the juices of greenhouse plants and thrive in warm, moist environments.

Caterpillars: Not all caterpillars are harmful. Some may be beneficial, and many turn into butterflies, which will be beneficial. But in this stage of life, caterpillars are leaf-eating, plant destroying nuisances.

One reaction many people have to finding these harmful pests in their garden is to spray their garden with pesticides. Pesticides, however, can be very dangerous to your plants and soil life. They kill the harmful pests, but also the beneficial insects, damage your soil, and risk making your family and your pets ill.

Even organic pesticides can be harmful, if only because they can kill nature’s own pest removal service: the beneficial insects.

Beneficial insects

ladybugs, umbrellas, beneficial insectLady Bugs: Lady Beetles, or ladybird beetles, whatever they are called in your area of the world, are highly beneficial. Not only are they pretty, but they are the natural predators of aphids, mealy-bugs, mites, and larvae of a wide variety of harmful insects. Because of their voracious appetite for bugs that can destroy your garden, it is no wonder they are considered lucky! Ladybugs are attracted to dill, fennel, marigolds, and chives.

Praying Mantis: The praying Mantis is a distinctive insect, with its wide head, and long, green-to-brown body. Mantises eat other insects, including moths, mosquitoes, and flies. However, if a Mantis is hungry, it could eat other beneficial insects in your garden, including other Mantises. Mantises are also attracted to marigolds and dill.

Green Lacewings: Green Lacewings are called “Aphid Lions.” This is because they eat soft aphid bodies, mealy-bugs, spider mites, leafhopper nymphs, caterpillar eggs, scales, thrips, and white flies.

Bees, Butterflies, and ‘pollinators’ While a bee sting can be harmful to humans and pets, many species of bees help pollinate your flowers, allowing them to reproduce and make more beautiful flowers. Butterflies also help pollinate. While eating the nectar of your plants, the pollinating insects help spread the pollen of your plants. To attract pollinators, find beautiful native plants with bright colors.

How can I attract Beneficial Insects?

One of the biggest problems with most traditional pesticides is that they kill all garden insects, including those that are beneficial to your plants. Even many organic pesticides still destroy the insect life of your garden.

The simplest, and perhaps easiest way to attract beneficial insects to your garden is to plant the kinds of plants to attract the beneficial insects to your garden. Most beneficial insects are attracted to fragrant, bright colored flowers, and require a source of water as well. Leaving a source of water available, like a shallow dish or a small pool of water.

How can Biofeed Products help?

nutra-plus-12302014Biofeed Products are not pesticides. They are environmentally-safe organic fertilizers designed to help your plants attract beneficial bugs while repelling the bugs that harm your plant.

Biofeed Nutra-Plus is perfectly balanced to effectively feed the entire landscape regardless of the types of trees, flowers, plants or grass. The entire line of Biofeed liquid fertilizer products is designed to detoxify and repair soils damaged by traditional chemical fertilizers.

Feed your plants with Biofeed Nutra-Plus by attaching it to your hose while you water or installing in your automatic sprinkler system today!

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