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Biofeed Has Always Been Chemical Free for Bees

Hello to all our Biofeed friends who plant and care for fruit trees, crops, gardens, and flowers. It’s BEE time. With Spring approaching bees are already at work. Without these industrious little pollinators we would starve. We are sharing information from The Bee Conservancy to spread the word on how we can all do our part to support our bee populations.

The Bee Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting bees, safeguarding the environment, and securing food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. They strive towards a day when all bee populations thrive in protected habitats, and are supported by an engaged global network.

10 Ways to Save the Bees

Biofeed is proud to have supported our bee populations for over 35 years! Our fertilizers are made from high-quality, food grade ingredients. They are safe and non-toxic. Our products contain no synthetics or chemically derived additives. Learn more at