Great Results in the Vineyard

As you can see, the recovery of this vineyard is amazing. The darker green leaves of the plant, greater growth of the stems, and the greater number of fruit is clearly appreciated.

This recovery has been possible thanks to the application – by fertigation – of Biofeed products Crop, CarboMax, Chetrol. Adding to this base, we applied several foliar passes of Cobalt-Plus, Iron-Plus, and Crop at minimum doses. We hope you find it interesting. If you want to know more about this or any other blog, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Results on a Purple Garlic Farm

Once again we see the effectiveness of Biofeed products, in this case, on a purple garlic farm. We were pleasantly surprised with the result of the application of CarboMax (2.5cc / L) + Primaxtend (3cc / L) a month and a half prior to its harvest. We appreciate  an increase of force and vigorosity in the plant, clearly noting a more intense green coloration.

Spectacular Bloom in Olives

We continue to see spectacular results produced by Biofeed products in the flowering of the olive grove. These excellent results were obtained following a pre-treatment of Biofeed CarboMax (2.5L / 1000L) + Biofeed Cal-Plus (2L / 1000L) + Maxbor to (3L / 1000L) + Biofeed Moly-Plus (0.3L / 1000L) + (authorized insecticide).

CarboMax 6-20-0 provides greater development of lateral buds and inflorescences, promotes the formation of secondary roots, improves tolerance to high and low temperatures, activates vitamins and hormones present in the plant, and corrects phosphorus deficiencies.

Cal-Plus 0-0-0 + 8% corrects calcium deficiencies in the crop, strengthens the structure of the plant, and helps against extreme temperatures.

Moly-Plus 0-0-0 + 6% increases the quality and fertility of pollen, and facilitates the absorption of iron.

As can be seen in the image, the crop reaches a higher level of flowering and fruit set thanks to the application of Biofeed products.

Olive Tree Results

On March 16, Biofeed CarboMax was applied at 2.5lt / 1000 + Biofeed Cobalt-Plus at 0.5lt / 1000 + Velox L at 3Kg / 1000.

The objective of this application of Biofeed products was to achieve greater sprouting and creation of new buds, and an increase in the flowering of the olive grove, thus, guaranteeing more fruit and increasing the nutrition of the tree.

The photograph was taken on April 5, once we began to observe the results. We found that the combination of these two Biofeed products gives amazing results. Cobalt-Plus facilitates the photosynthetic process of the tree; the leaves appear darker and stronger as a sign of health and nutrition.

In addition, the combination with CarboMax, thanks to its composition in essential nutrients for the plant, potentiates the budding of new buds, and stimulates the flowering and fruit set.

Iron-Plus Applied to Cabbage

This client was very satisfied with the application of Iron-Plus 2.5 L/Ha to crisp cabbage (left side of the photograph), observing this result 2 days after the application. The treated crop is more nourished and vigorous thanks to the application of this biofertilizer, which helps the plant to form stronger, thus improving resistance to diseases, high temperatures and periods of drought.