Biofeed’s Pro-Biological Product approach has shown consistent elimination of defined unwanted hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and agricultural chemicals in soils and water and are cost-effective tools for managing waste water systems and odors. Further, these products are in and of themselves harmless to the environment making them the ideal self-sustaining environmental products.

For more information, read our page on Bioremediation.

Some sites or conditions may require a combination of Biofeed® products. Consult a Biofeed Account Representative for specialized applications.


“We started using Aero a little over 8 years ago on our 2,000 cow Dairy Farm to help with odor management. Aero has helped to minimize odor very noticeably. An added bonus of using this product, we have seen a drastic difference in dissolving the suspended solids and not allowing for sediment buildup. Which has resulted in a considerable decrease in the cost of maintenance of cleaning out our lagoons. Because of Aero, we save many thousands of dollars per year. We recommend it to everyone in our business!”

Travis RidgeRovey Dairy

Waste Water, Odor Control and Bioremediation

CHETROL OCS™ (key-trol) is a highly concentrated multi-purpose formulation of organic chelating agents and surface active agents which synergistically solubilize and controls a variety of insoluble minerals and heavy metals while enhancing the bio-degradation of complex hydrocarbons and reduction of metal complexes.

BIOREM™ functions as a substrate for microbial activity, maximizing the metabolic rate of hydrocarbon (HC) eating bacteria. Its substrate activity induces the formation of reductase enzymes, increasing the reaction rate at which complex organic molecules are disassembled. BIOREM™ also contains organic derivatives which modify and re-branch petroleum (HC) molecules making them more readily consumable via microbial activity.

One component of maintaining any biological system is providing the elements required by the microorganisms in a bio-complex that is conducive to their metabolic activity. NUTREX™ is a concentrated blend of organically complexed compounds that promote accelerated biological growth in the waste stream.

AERO™ with ACT® promotes the release and stabilization of oxygen-containing compounds that support both biological and biochemical processes which naturally break-down organic and chemical compounds at an accelerated rate in waste management systems.

COZYME 50™ contains ACT®, natural buffers, biostimulants and co-enzymes, plus over 50 trace elements in a biologically combined form that are readily available to support healthy aerobic microbial systems to provide more rapid separation, digestion in grease traps, wastewater and sludge management systems.