For Clean, Clear, Odorless Lakes & Ponds!

AQUA-PRO™ is a biodynamic formulation of naturally derived enzymes, organic acids and growth promoting nutrients that stimulate healthier aerobic bio-activity in lakes and ponds. Sludge and odors usually exist due to a lack of oxygen and proper bio-nutrition to support microbes that break down sludge and organic matter. The solution is to release oxygen within the pond bottom to support these microbes. formula is an extensively tested and proven product used to enzymatically release elemental oxygen which helps to correct a variety of problems associated with pond and lake water management.

The biological imbalance in lake and pond water is most often caused by a lack of oxygen and the growth of anaerobic bacteria and sludge build up. Ammonia and Odor-causing conditions often exist due to a lack of sufficient dissolved oxygen and proper bio-nutrition to support beneficial aerobic bacteria. The solution is to modify the bio-environment by inducing the continuous release of oxygen.

AQUA PRO™ formula is an extensively tested and proven product used to correct a variety of problems associated with water management.



Applying AQUA PRO™ on a regular basis supplies oxygen and provides nutrients that support beneficial aerobic bacteria, which in turn breakdown sludge in lakes and ponds.


  • Eliminates or reduces offensive odors
  • Encourages proliferation of aerobic bacteria
  • Accelerates digestion of organic matter and sludge
  • Raises dissolved oxygen levels
  • Reduces suspended solids
  • Enzymatically buffers pH
  • Toxicology tested—SAFE and non-toxic


Contains: Proprietary blend of Enzymes, bio-complexed nutrients and natural buffers.



AQUA PRO™ may be diluted to ensure even distribution. Ideal method of application is to dilute product in a sprayer filled with water and evenly spray the solution over the top of the water.

LAKES AND PONDS: Apply 2.5-5 parts per million (PPM) once every 2-4 weeks until desired conditions are attained, then maintain at 2.5 PPM every 2-4 weeks.


ACT® | L-Form Amino Acids, Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen that are key building blocks in all plant life. Contains freshwater algae.

AEROBIC BACTERIA | Bacteria that can grow and live only when oxygen is present.

DISSOLVED OXYGEN | Use of an enzyme system called H2O-Dehydrogenase (HDH) to effectively split the water molecule, releasing elemental oxygen and nitrogen within the soil.