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The biological imbalance in agricultural waste systems is usually caused by poor oxygenation and the growth of unwanted odor causing bacteria. These odor-causing conditions are usually caused by a lack of sufficient dissolved oxygen to support aerobic microbes.

Applying ODORATOR™ on a regular basis promotes the release of stabilized oxygen compounds that supports digestive bacteria that break-down odorous compounds in agricultural waste systems and settling ponds.


  • Eliminates or reduces offensive odors!
  • Encourages the growth and proliferation of digestive bacteria that feed on and break-down manure
  • Speeds the break-down of manure and sludge
  • Improves liquid/solids separation
  • Liquifies manure for more efficient crop fertilization
  • Beneficial to fish and other aquatic life forms
  • Enzymatically buffers pH
  • Toxicology tested – SAFE and non-toxic

Contains a concentrated solution of Xanthoprotein, natural polymers, digestive enzymes and co-enzymes.

Please refer to the product label and/or technical bulletin for application rates.