X-CELL™ is a concentrated catalyst that utilizes ACT® to aid the neutralization and breakdown of a variety of soil and plant applied herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals.

X-CELL™ forms a bond with these chemicals in the soil and holds them in a form that is more easily digestible by soil microorganisms. This results in a cleaner, detoxified soil environment that is more conducive to healthy plant and bacterial growth.


  • Accelerates the breakdown of herbicides, pesticides and other toxic chemicals
  • Blocks unwanted chemical uptake by the plant
  • Reduces chemical damage to plants, turf and crops
  • Environmentally safe formula

Total Nitrogen (N)………………………..5.0%
– 5.0% Urea Nitrogen
Derived from Urea.


X-CELL™ is highly concentrated. Mix with water prior to application to ensure adequate coverage. Apply by chemical feed pumps or by sprayer.

HERBICIDE OR PESTICIDE CONTAMINATED SOIL: Apply 4-8 ounces diluted in at least 1 gallon of water per cubic yard of soil. Spray on and till contaminated area to ensure thorough mixing. Repeat treatment every 2-4 weeks until desired results are obtained. Till soil once per week and keep slightly moist, but not wet.

CROPS, PLANTS, OR TURF: Apply 1-5 gallons per acre with sprayer. Dilute in enough water to ensure complete coverage of soil prior to irrigation. Repeat treatment every 2-4 weeks over a 90-day period or as directed by a qualified Biofeed Rep. Irrigate thoroughly after each treatment.