CoZyme 50 Bucket

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Biologically managing grease traps, wastewater and sludge systems become difficult when there is an imbalance of necessary biochemical and biological cofactors. When these factors are lacking, sludge separation and breakdown becomes inhibited and offensive odors become a problem. The solution is to introduce these components in a biologically secured form that are readily available to serve as co-enzymes to reactivate both bacterial and enzyme systems.

CoZyme 50™ contains Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT)™, natural buffers, biostimulants, and co-enzymes plus over 50 trace elements in a biologically combined form that are readily available to support healthy aerobic microbial systems to provide more rapid separation, digestion in grease traps, wastewater and sludge management systems.

Use of CoZyme 50™ results in the reduction of H2S and other odor causing compounds. CoZyme 50™ also stimulates the natural release of free oxygen thereby increasing dissolved oxygen (DO).

Benefits of Use:

  • Accelerates the digestion of organic matter and sludge
  • Stimulates a more active enzymatic system
  • Eliminates offensive odors and reduces hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production
  • Improves separation and break-down of fat, oil and grease (FOG) during interceptor operation
  • Raises dissolved oxygen levels
  • Encourages the growth and proliferation of essential aerobic and facultative digestive bacteria
  • Harmless to bacterial and aquatic life
  • Will not disrupt downstream waste treatment processes

Chemical Characteristics:

Contains Natural buffers, bio-complexed nutrients, organic acids and bio-stimulants.


Waste Water, Sludge Beds, Settling Ponds & Trickling Filters: Spray or inject at a general use rate of 0.5-2.5 parts per million continuously by hand or chemical metering pump (product may be diluted to ensure even distribution). Co·Zyme 50™ should be applied downstream from any chemical treatments of waste water or sludge. Consult your Biofeed products dealer for additional information.

Grease Traps: Spray, inject or drip-feed 1-10 Parts Per Million (PPM) continuously into the drain system at the source of any fats, grease, meat by-products or sewage. Consult your Biofeed products dealer for additional information.