CoZyme-50 Bucket
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Biologically managing grease traps, wastewater and sludge systems become difficult when there is an imbalance of necessary biochemical and biological co-factors. When these factors are lacking, sludge separation and breakdown becomes inhibited and offensive odors become a problem. The solution is to introduce these components in a biologically secured form that are readily available to serve as co-enzymes to reactivate both bacterial and enzyme systems.

COZYME•50™ contains ACT®, natural buffers, bio-stimulants and co-enzymes, plus over 50 trace elements in a biologically combined form that are readily available to support healthy aerobic microbial systems to provide more rapid separation, digestion in grease traps, wastewater and sludge management systems.

Use of COZYME•50™ results in the reduction of H2S and other odor causing compounds. COZYME•50™ also stimulates the natural release of free oxygen thereby increasing dissolved oxygen (DO).

Benefits of Use:

  • Accelerates the digestion of organic matter and sludge
  • Stimulates a more active enzymatic system
  • Eliminates offensive odors and reduces hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production
  • Improves separation and break-down of fat, oil and grease (FOG) during interceptor operation
  • Raises dissolved oxygen levels
  • Encourages the growth and proliferation of essential aerobic and facultative digestive bacteria
  • Harmless to bacterial and aquatic life
  • Will not disrupt downstream waste treatment processes

Chemical Characteristics:

Contains natural buffers, bio-complexed nutrients, organic acids and bio-stimulants.


Waste Water, Sludge Beds, Settling Ponds & Trickling Filters: Spray or inject at a general use rate of 0.5-2.5 parts per million continuously by hand or chemical metering pump (product may be diluted to ensure even distribution). COZYME•50™ should be applied downstream from any chemical treatments of waste water or sludge. Consult your Biofeed products dealer for additional information.

Grease Traps: Spray, inject or drip-feed 1-10 Parts Per Million (PPM) continuously into the drain system at the source of any fats, grease, meat by-products or sewage. Consult your Biofeed products dealer for additional information.