The Biofeed® Fertigation Services (BFS) concept comes full circle with our NEW! BioFeeder™ E-SERIES automatic liquid fertilizer injector systems. Convenient, rugged and cost-effective, when teamed with Biofeed® fertilizers, these systems are also highly efficient. When applied through your irrigation system, Biofeed® fertilizers percolate down to feed the roots, while they Build Better Soil, making them more beneficial than liquid or granular synthetic fertilizers.

Second, automatic fertigation saves labor. With a small capital investment, your entire landscape or farm is fertilized each time you irrigate-AUTOMATICALLY, so there’s no manual application expense or hassle.

Third, liquid injection feeds consistently. By micro-feeding small amounts of soil-building Biofeed fertilizer with each watering, there’s no plant shock that can happen as with irregular chemical applications. And, automatic fertigation is safe, because fertilizing in such small amounts means no worries about overfeeding, burning plants, or having to restrict public access.

BioFeeder™ – The Completely Sensible Solution From Biofeed®

Turnkey System Installation: We make owning a BioFeeder™ E-Series Automatic Injection System both simple and easy! We provide turnkey, professional installation that includes everything from the liquid fertilizer storage tank(s), to the flow sensor(s) and internally controlled micro-dosing pump(s). We’ll spec the exact system and components to suit your needs, then install everything required to set you up with a complete, fully operational BioFeeder™ system that is ready to use. So you’ll get professional installation that’s guaranteed by the industry’s leading experts.

Monthly Maintenance and Replenishment Service…
Fill ‘er up, Sir?

Consider the benefits of our Monthly System Maintenance and Replenishment Service option. With it, you’ll never have to concern yourself with the injection system or touch fertilizers ever again, because we take the responsibility for all of your system maintenance and refill needs. This way, there’s no guesswork- just Green!

As part of the scheduled service, trained Biofeed® technicians top off the BioFeeder™ supply tank each month from our specially equipped tank truck, then test your system thoroughly, recalibrate the injection pump as needed, and perform routine maintenance and repairs. It’s fast, efficient, hands-off, and worry-free. And we think you’ll find it’s indispensable, too.

A Complete, Professional Package

Without scientific testing, how can you be sure what the nutrient condition of your soil and plants really are, or how to fertilize and feed accordingly?

That’s why our Monthly Replenishment and Maintenance Service includes comprehensive analysis. Twice a year, we’ll take soil or tissue samples for laboratory analysis. Then, we’ll select the proper Biofeed® “Fertigation Blend”, and adjust mixture ratios to maintain your landscape in a healthy, showcase condition. It’s our passion!

Clearly, BioFeeder™ injection systems and services simply make sense.

Consider the Advantages of an Installed BioFeeder™ System and Service Package

  • Automatic Biofeed-fertigation micro-feeding is more efficient and saves labor.
  • Monthly injector refilling and maintenance service assures optimum operation and prevents downtime.
  • Included comprehensive laboratory soil analysis.
  • Turnkey liquid fertilizer injection system installation.
  • Custom purchase programs.
  • No-worries satisfaction guarantee, backed by the industry leader.
  • Biofeed® treatments help you to create a TRULY SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPE!