NEW! BioFeeder™ S-SERIES Fertigation Systems are available with a 2, 5 & 20 gallon Stainless Steel tank design- tested, proven and DURABLE!

NEW! BioFeeder™ S-2 Injector SystemNEW! BioFeeder™ S-Series is an easy to install, AFFORDABLE, easy to use Top-Quality Fertigation system!

Made from Stainless Steel and powered by water flow, NEW! BioFeeder™ S-Series is the perfect solution for use on a range of landscapes for automatic fertilization to apply Biofeed Fertilizers and green up the landscape, soften & build better soil and SAVE WATER!

Landscape Professionals: Install a BioFeeder™ on your customers home or commercial landscape- and improve your monthly revenue by providing a monthly refill service utilizing Biofeed® Fertilizers that will help you grow award-winning lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers!

Your customers will love it and they may never want to hire another landscaper after they see the green and colorful landscape YOU can create- With Biofeed!

Each BioFeeder™ S-Series unit includes our patented, easy-to-install lance & snap-tee which allows for quick and easy connection to pipe sizes ranging from: 3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ & 2″. So you do not need to cut INTO the water line, just glue it ON!

Simply glue on the snap-tee, drill a 9/16″ hole and thread in the lance, install & fill the tank with Biofeed Fertilizer and (POOF) you’re fertilizing the plant-life, & softening the soil! Plus you’ll save water!


Designed for use with Biofeed® Fertilizers only.