Biofeed® Injection Systems Simply Make Sense!

BIOFEEDER™ E-50: Our top-of-the-line automatic fertilizer injection system is the ideal choice for medium to large landscape and turf areas such as HOA’s, golf courses and parks. Available in 30-1,000 gallon storage tank sizes and designed for above ground installation, an electronic flow sensor measures the amount of water flow in the main line, precisely adjusting preset liquid fertilizer mixture rates. The BIOFEEDER™ E-50 comes with a nutrient storage tank and a tough, vandal-resistant lockable safety cabinet, proportional flow sensor, built-in computer decoder, injection pump, and injector fittings.

BIOFEEDER™ E-20: Similar to our E-50 unit in all other respects, the BIOFEEDER™ E-20 features a flow switch in place of the flow sensor, turning the injector on whenever flow is present in the main line. Like its big brother, the BIOFEEDER™ E-20 is fully automatic, available in 30-200 gallon tank sizes, and comes complete a nutrient storage tank, lockable safety cabinet, flow switch, injector pump, and injector fittings.

Designed for use with Biofeed® Fertilizers only.