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FLORA-PLUS™ is a bloom-promoting high phosphate liquid fertilizer with ACT®. This powerful combination allows plants to grow deeper roots, stronger stems which leads to bigger, more colorful blooms!

FLORA-PLUS™ promotes quicker establishment of newly planted lawns as it helps the growth of new roots and earlier maturity and tillering. Use FLORA-PLUS™ for beautiful flowers and as a seed starter!

Regular use of FLORA-PLUS™ goes further than standard fertilization as it stimulates and supports dynamic cellular DNA production and reduces disease occurrence by building Select Acquired Resistance (SAR).


  • Leaf-friendly liquid formula
  • Promotes big, colorful blooms
  • Phosphate nutrition for professional turf and plants
  • Hastens plant maturity and root establishment
  • Improves heat and drought tolerance
  • Enhances disease resistance
  • Buffers harmful salt
  • Stimulates beneficial aerobic soil microbes
  • Easy to use liquid formula
  • Use year-round!


Total Nitrogen…..4.00%
   3.0% Urea Nitrogen
   1.0% Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)…..8.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O)…..2.0 %

Derived from Urea, Soy Protein Hydrolysate, Phosphoric Acid, and Potassium Hydroxide.

Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at https://www.aapfco.org/metals.htm

Please refer to the product label and/or technical bulletin for application rates.