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MANGANESE-PLUS™ provides this essential micro-nutrient with ACT®. Manganese is one of the essential nutrients that plants require for growth. Many processes are dependent on this nutrient, including chloroplast formation, photosynthesis, nitrogen metabolism and synthesis of some enzymes.

Manganese (Mn) is required by plants in the second greater quantity compared to iron. Like any other element, it can have a limiting factor on plant growth if it is deficient or toxic in plant tissue.


  • Promotes dark green leaf color
  • Supports the photosynthetic pathway in all plants
  • Improves plant respiration of atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Promotes root cellular elongation
  • Activates resistance to root pathogens
  • Improves nitrogen metabolism within the plant
  • Promotes stress tolerance
  • Easy to use liquid formula
  • Use year-round


Sulfur (S)……………4.0%
Manganese (Mn)………..8.0%

Derived from Manganese Sulfate.

MANGANESE-PLUS™ is highly concentrated and should be mixed with water to ensure adequate coverage. Jar test for compatibility prior to final tank mixing with other products.
AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURAL: Apply 1-4 quarts per acre every 30 days with a fertilizer injection system or as directed by a qualified field rep.
GREENS, TEES & TURF: Foliar apply 1-2 quarts per acre in 25-50 gallons of water, or for smaller areas apply 1-2 ounces per 1000 square feet in 5-10 gallons of water. Apply every 7-10 days or as needed with sprayer. Water normally following application.
FOLIAR FEEDING OF TREES & SHRUBS: Dilute 1-2 quarts in 100 gallons of water and spray on foliage to point of runoff.
DEEP ROOT FEEDING OF TREES & SHRUBS: Mix 1-2 quarts in 100 gallons of water along with Biofeed ARBOR-PLUS™.