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Zinc-Plus™ contains elemental Zinc in a complex with Biofeed® ACT® which supports vital biochemical reactions in the turf plant. Zinc activates enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins. It is used in the formation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates, conversion of starches to sugars. When present in proper ratios, Zinc helps the plant to withstand cold temperatures. Zinc is also essential in the formation of auxins, which help with growth regulation and stem elongation.

Zinc deficiencies usually stunt plant growth, decreased number of tillers, chlorosis in smaller leaves, slow crop maturity, spikelet sterility and inferior quality of crops.


  • Supports chlorophyll production
  • Aids protein synthesis
  • Improves tolerance to cold temperatures
  • Boosts carbohydrate production and storage of starches within the plant
  • Promotes natural plant hormone production
  • Essential to the conversion of inorganic phosphorus into organic forms in the plant
  • Promotes enhanced stress tolerance
  • Organically complexed – readily available
  • Easy to use liquid formula
  • Use year-round!


Zinc (Zn)…………….8.0%
Sulfur (S)……………4.0%

Derived from Zinc Sulfate.


ZINC-PLUS™ is highly concentrated and should be mixed with water prior to application to ensure adequate coverage.
AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURAL: Apply 1-4 quarts per acre every 30 days with a fertilizer injection system or as directed by a qualified field rep.
GREENS, TEES & TURF: Foliar apply 1-2 quarts per acre in 25-50 gallons of water, or for smaller areas apply 1-2 ounces per 1000 square feet in 5-10 gallons of water. Apply every 7-10 days or as needed with sprayer. Water normally following application.
FOLIAR FEEDING OF TREES & SHRUBS: Dilute 8-16 ounces in 200 gallons of water and spray on foliage to point of runoff.
DEEP ROOT FEEDING OF TREES & SHRUBS: Mix 1-2 quarts in 100 gallons of water.