It is time for the autumn treatment for olive trees, to obtain the maximum yield of the harvest while protecting it against low winter temperatures. For best results, apply two Biofeed® products:

K-Pro: .25-.5 oz/gallon
Crop: .25-.4 oz/gallon

Apply 20-30 days before harvesting.


  • Thanks to the efficiency of K-Pro, we increase the synthesis of carbohydrates and the overall yield.
  • Rich in easily assimilated potassium that quickly corrects potassium deficiency.
  • Good potassium content ensures protection against pathogens and climatic adversities.


  • Contains bionutrients that accelerate the circulation of sap, ensuring the absorption and translocation of nutrients.
  • Promotes the production of auxins and gibberellins, stimulating the cellular elongation of the fruit.

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