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On March 16, CarboMax™ was applied at 2.5lt / 1000 + Biofeed Cobalt at 0.5lt / 1000 + Velox L at 3Kg / 1000.

The objective of this application of Biofeed products was to achieve greater sprouting and creation of new buds, and an increase in the flowering of the olive grove, thus, guaranteeing more fruit and increasing the nutrition of the tree.

The photograph was taken on April 5, once we began to observe the results. We found that the combination of these two Biofeed products gives amazing results. Biofeed Cobalt facilitates the photosynthetic process of the tree; the leaves appear darker and stronger as a sign of health and nutrition.

In addition, the combination with CarboMax™, thanks to its composition in essential nutrients for the plant, potentiates the budding of new buds, and stimulates the flowering and fruit set.

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