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OXY-HATCH™ is a formulation of concentrated organic water stabilizers and Oxygen Releasing Enzymes specially blended to help buffer pH and protect tender young fish and shrimp hatchlings during the pre-pond hatchery stage. Also helps to build disease resistance and hasten earlier maturity.

OXY-HATCH™ is designed to maintain more balanced biological growth. May be used with other prebiotics to improve productivity, if desired.

Benefits of Use:

  • Raises dissolved oxygen levels.
  • Supports healthier hatchling development.
  • Stimulates growth of natural aerobic bacteria.
  • Reduces mortality rate.
  • Reduces suspended solids.
  • Naturally buffers pH.
  • Accelerates digestion of sludge.

Chemical Characteristics:
Contains: H2O dehydrogenase enzymes (HDH), bio-nutrients and natural buffers.

Application Instructions:
Start the program by pretreating the tank 1-3 days before stocking with 3 PPM of OXY-HATCH™. Continue applying 2 PPM EACH WEEK during the entire hatchery cycle. Continue to apply until transfer of crop to larger grow-out ponds. ALSO, it is advisable to follow the next phase of treatment of the grow-out ponds using Biofeed OXY-TERRA™ to pretreat the pond soil bottom followed by regular treatment of the pond water with Biofeed OXY-POND™.

NOTE: It is advisable to transfer to the grow-out pond as soon as shrimp and fish hatchlings reach their normal marketable size. Growth will occur usually 3-4 days faster when using OXY-HATCH™ in your starter program.

Consult your Biofeed Products dealer for additional information.