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Join the Biofeed Liquid Fertilizers Revolution

Join the Biofeed Liquid Fertilizer Revolution

ACT is created through a proprietary Biofeed process which converts select plant extracts and components into a concentrate of organic acids and bio-stimulants. All nutrients must be soluble for absorption and delivery to plants either through the leaf or root uptake. Biofeed products are much more than N-P-K in a bottle. Biofeed liquid, enzyme-based fertilizers come to life through our ACT base additive to mimic Nature’s nutrient delivery system. The results reduce sodium toxicity, balance water biology, and improve root and soil interactions. ACT and N-P-K combined, promote the growth of both plant cells and aerobic soil organisms to enhance natural soil fertility while renewing life into the Earth’s soils and water.

“Dear Mr. Lee, I just love your Biofeed Products!
Biofeed Liquid Fertilizers are the BEST!”

Love, Mom