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Today from Biofeed, we show you the spectacular results of the application of Biofeed products in lawns.

As you can see, on Day 1 the grass showed dry baldness and sprouts. We were told that it was not because of lack of water, that the lawn was irrigated every day, but that it always had a dry and little uniform appearance. After a study by our technical team, we decided to provide a solution of Biofeed, which consisted of an application of Soil-Plus, a soil conditioner that provides the following advantages:

  • Increases the fertility of degraded soil
  • Restores the beneficial microfauna of the soil
  • Revitalizes soils with great agronomic pressure
  • Unlocks ions, favoring the absorption of nutrients
  • It recovers the biodynamics of the soil
  • Uncompresses soils, increasing penetration and water retention
  • Reduces sodium toxicity

After the application of Soil-Plus on the lawn, the soil began to respond, holding irrigation water and providing a healthy balance and increasing its fertility. Undoubtedly, one more triumph of Biofeed products.

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