Soil-Plus™ is a super-concentrated soil & plant additive that is rich with Biofeed’s exclusive ACT® which delivers a powerful combination of nutrients which work to strengthen plant growth and promotes aerobic microbial activity below ground. Including Soil-Plus™ in your fertilizer program will produce superior quality soil, turf grass, trees, plants, and flowers that are more resistant to environmental pressures and disease.

Surfact™ enhances the infiltration and penetration of applied irrigation water and rainfall in agricultural soils. Surfact will enhance irrigation efficiency and improve moisture levels in the soil, providing a better growing environment for your plants.

X-Cell™ A bio-dynamic formulation of nitrogen, trace elements and digestive enzymes in a base of ACT®. Promotes vigorous growth of soil microbial activity to enhance the breakdown of plant resides and thatch into humus.

Chetrol™ A concentrated blend of ACT® and organic acids that dissolves mineral salts which often clog drip systems and emitters to restore water flow and distribution. Also helps to unlock and remove herbicide residues in soil to improve crop yields. Will not harm plastic or metal pipe or fittings.