Good farmers know the key to a better harvest starts with using products that build better soil. Biofeed® soil products with ACT® provide a blend of concentrated natural ingredients that feed and support soil biology with each application. Biofeed® foliar products with ACT® include plant-friendly nutrient solutions that promote a better plant response and crop production as they boost your bottom line.

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Salt Soil Management

Soil and Salt Management

SOIL-PLUS™ is a concentrated soil builder and conditioner, designed to stimulate beneficial aerobic bio-activity in the soil while it chelates and dissolves soil nutrients and minerals to improve plant up-take. Contains a super-concentrate of ACT® to support microbial diversity and improve overall soil health and structure through polysaccharide production and the release of elemental oxygen.

Surfact™ enhances the infiltration and penetration of applied irrigation water and rainfall in agricultural soils. Surfact™ will enhance irrigation efficiency and improve moisture levels in the soil, providing a better growing environment for your plants.

X-CELL™ is a bio-dynamic formulation of nitrogen, trace elements, digestive enzymes and ACT®, that promotes vigorous growth of soil microbial activity to enhance the breakdown of plant resides and thatch into humus.

CHETROL™ is a concentrated blend of ACT® and organic acids that dissolves mineral salts which often clog drip systems and emitters to restore water flow and distribution. Also helps to unlock and remove herbicide residues in soil to improve crop yields. Will not harm plastic or metal pipe or fittings.