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We continue to see spectacular results produced by Biofeed products in the flowering of the olive grove. These excellent results were obtained following a pre-treatment of CarboMax™ (2.5L / 1000L) + Calcium (2L / 1000L) + Maxbor to (3L / 1000L) + Trace™ (0.3L / 1000L) + (authorized insecticide).

CarboMax™ 6-20-0 provides greater development of lateral buds and inflorescences, promotes the formation of secondary roots, improves tolerance to high and low temperatures, activates vitamins and hormones present in the plant, and corrects phosphorus deficiencies.

Biofeed Calcium corrects calcium deficiencies in the crop, strengthens the structure of the plant, and helps against extreme temperatures.

Trace™ increases the quality and fertility of pollen, and facilitates the absorption of iron.

As can be seen in the image, the crop reaches a higher level of flowering and fruit set thanks to the application of Biofeed products.

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