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Enrique del Solar

An experienced shrimp producer near Tumbes, Peru had been experiencing severe losses of 30% or more of his shrimp larva year after year due to poor water quality. This severely affects his profits.

This customer had just purchased $35,000 worth of larva. He informed his Biofeed Solutions representative; “Without your (OXY-POND) product I would lose 30% of the larva. With your product I lose only about 8%. So- you saved me at least $9,000.00”.

He also continues to compile production data and expects to provide a good report and greater profits based on the good water quality and shrimp health he is observing.

We have a happy, very loyal customer who is “spreading the word” in our behalf. Everyone comes to you with every conceivable problem, It is good to hear about a customer who is consistently happy!