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Jignesh U. Contractor

We have been using Biofeed OXY-POND™ since March 2017.

Nowadays the biggest problem in shrimp farming is running [high] mortality but, after using OXY-POND as per protocol of only 2-Liters per hectare we didn’t face this problem. Of course, seed selection [is] also very important but we tried so many products and I can tell you in Asian condition we find OXY-POND is the best. After harvest we didn’t find any black soil at [the] bottom of [the] pond so we can see it works very well.

. . . I shared [my] results [with] one farmer who lost heavily in [his] first crop with poor Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) and [his] pond bottom [was] also not good in that case. In his second crop he used only OXY-POND and he had [a] profitable harvest with less cost of production. He can see it works well.

In our running crop we use OXY-POND for soil treatment in [the] majority of our ponds. Now [the] bloom is very stable and growth [is] also good.”