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Timothy S. West

The Golf Club @ Johnson Ranch has been watering the course with 100% effluent water for the past ten years.

Over time, the sodium levels in our soil have become toxic. In 2015, I started adding a product from Biofeed to my winter overseed spray program called Super-C. Super-C contains organic acids which chelate and dissolve insoluble minerals to enhance plant uptake and buffer free sodium to reduce toxicity and help leach it out of the root zone.

Since adding this to my spray program, I have been able to use 1/3 less products (Fe, Urea) in each application. That winter season I noticed the color to be excellent and the grass was able to maintain its rich dark color for much longer without excessive growth.

I have continued to use Super-C year round and have been very pleased with the response I’m seeing in the condition to my turf. I would definitely recommend using Biofeed products, especially Super-C, for anyone having soil and sodium issue.