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Biofeed® helps you achieve the results you expect – with a rapid increase in growth, ripening of the fruit, and increased coloring. Everything is possible if you use our products correctly.

Quality and Ripeness
K-PRO .25-.5 oz/gallon
CROP .25-.4 oz/gallon
CALCIUM .1-.25 oz/gallon

Ripening and Finalizing For the Harvest
K-PRO .25-.5 oz/gallon
REBOUND .25-.6 oz/gallon

Fruit Color Change
REBOUND .25-.5 oz/gallon
CALCIUM .1-.25 oz/gallon
IRON .1-.25 oz/gallon

With Biofeed®, you will get the results expected in your harvest!

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  • Do you have a product brochure or case study in PDF that you can email me at

    • Dan Lee, President of Biofeed says:

      Hello Moses! Thank you for your interest in Biofeed products. All studies are listed on our website, so please visit: You’ll find Agriculture, Environmental, Aquaculture, and Golf & Landscape studies. All studies on our website are in PDF format, so you can download exactly what you need. Thank you again for your interest!