Globally, the price of fertilizer is on the rise and availability in unstable. As a fertilizer manufacturer it is an on-going challenge to highlight the value-add of Biofeed® products over our competitors. In this blog we are going to explain how you can achieve long-term soil fertility from using Biofeed® fertilizers on your crops.

Our Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT) is a crucial base additive in all Biofeed® fertilizer products. During a sit-down meeting, I asked Dan Lee (President and Founder), “Have your products always contained ACT?” Dan replied, “Almost. I used synthetics for the first three months. While my solutions worked, they had no staying power.” Dan explained he had to go back into the lab.

During his various tests he formulated ACT® because he realized his solutions needed culture. In this way, Biofeed products are ALIVE and bring LIFE into the soil and crops when applied. After adding ACT® his clients began to see short-term higher yields and long-term increased soil fertility.

ACT® is a value-added ingredient that separates us from competitors; since 1986. ACT® takes our products well beyond NPK in a bottle. Here are the long-term benefits our clients enjoy:

Biofeed® claims are based on lab analysis, field studies, and actual client results. This data is available on our website. If you need crop-specific answers or other information, please contact us!