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Acti-Cell Technology ACT

Organic Molecules that Mimic Nature’s Nutrient Delivery System

Biofeed® products come to life through our Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT). ACT® is a true nano-particle technology that is biologically generated using specific organic compounds which are converted into unique organic compounds including, Poly β Hydroxybuteric acids, Adenosine TriPhosphate, hydrolyzed plant proteins, organic matters and other beneficial organic compounds through a proprietary process of biological transformation. Biofeed® products are comprised of natural organic enzymes and organic acids with exceptionally small structures that readily form soluble complexes required for aerobic biological activity in soil and greater cell structure in the plant.
The nano-particles and the subsequent organic molecules contained in Biofeed® ACT® are not derived from mined ingredients nor are they contaminated with unwanted salts or heavy metals and therefore function uninhibited within the soil and plant-cell. Biofeed® products with ACT® maintain solubility long after application in all soil types. This results in improved Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and effective salt neutralization and leaching. Biofeed® fertilizers feed and support the entire Soil Food Web to maintain natural soil fertility and crop production.
The term “Nano-Particle” means that the components found in Biofeed® are at or near their smallest size and are measured in billionths of an inch instead of millionths, which allows them to easily encapsulate individual nutrients IE; NPK, secondary and micronutrients, due in part to their sheer size and number, and deliver these directly within the cell wall for maximum nutritional benefit. Therefore, with each application the nutritional needs are met even at low rates of 16 ounces to two quarts per acre. It is also important to note that in addition to satisfying the nutritional requirements of plant cells, Biofeed® delivers a dynamic package of biostimulants and growth stimulants to these cells.

Why Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT)?

Biofeed® products go much further than a simple humate by supporting DNA replication and transcription processes through enhanced RNA within cells. This results in rapid cellular growth and metabolic activity. These elements further aid in the destruction and elimination of unwanted toxic elements found in the environment into harmless byproducts via bio-oxidation/reduction reactions. The nutritional requirements of all living cells are fairly constant, Biofeed® products provide a “whole-food effect” to promote cellular growth both in the plant and in the soils complex biological systems. Therefore Biofeed® ACT functions as a substrate for enhanced cellular growth in the plant as it stimulates aerobic biological activity in the soil. ACT® is then blended with a variety of nutrients – essential for plant growth – that make up the entire line of Biofeed® products.

Advanced Technology for Advanced Crop Genetics

Today’s crops start from advanced genetic technology, yet are fertilized using yesterdays nutrient technology. Crops that are planted by farmers are able to deliver much more than they are fertilized to produced. Why? Because crops are fed with nutrients like the basic NPKs of old and the fact remains that crop genetics have outperformed the nutrient solutions they are fed. Today’s crops require a rich blend of nano-particles plus natural ingredients found in Biofeed® which are part of a more effective nutrient program that enables crops to go into a dynamic production cycle and may produce up to three times the average, and that is what many farmers are seeing when they apply Biofeed® with ACT®!

Environmental and Aquaculture Products

During the bioremediation process, microbes demand an elevated nutrient source to enable the complete digestion of unwanted hydrocarbons, sewage waste and other chemicals. One such element that is nearly always required is oxygen. Biofeed® products contain specialized enzymes – H20-Dehydrogenase (HDH) – that split the H2O water molecule to release elemental oxygen directly into the waste plant, contaminated soil and water way. An oxygen-enriched environment results in a dramatic increase of beneficial aerobic microbial life and activity, creating a nutrient rich zone while at the same time digesting and destroying harmful chemical compounds and preventing disease-causing anaerobic microbes to thrive. Aquaculture ponds are in need of dissolved oxygen as it is essential to fish and shrimp. Applying Oxy-Pond to the water is an excellent way to enrichen the dissolved oxygen levels in any fish or shrimp pond.

100% Safe, Active Ingredients

We use no tap-water as a filler in any of Biofeed® products. The entire solution comes from our extraction tanks and is free of chlorine and other contaminants. This combined proprietary technology helps in the delivery of nutrients to the leaf to improve the vigor of plant growth, blooming, and fruiting.​

Biofeed® is safe and proven effective to use when applied at labeled rates under a wide range of growing conditions. The proprietary ingredients and processes used to formulate Biofeed® products can only be purchased from Biofeed®, the exclusive manufacturer of this outstanding technology which has been proven in the USA and Europe for over 35 years.

What Does Biofeed® Do?

The active components found in Biofeed® dissolve insoluble soil nutrients allowing for improved uptake by plant roots. Biofeed® remains active in the soil long after application where it improves the soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

Biofeed® releases oxygen and hydrogen through the action of specialized enzymes which cleave water (H2O) molecules, thus releasing elemental oxygen and hydrogen from the water into the soil below ground to maintain a healthier aerobic root-zone. Increased oxygen and hydrogen also improve oxidation and reduction reactions that mobilize nutrients and stimulate the activity of beneficial aerobic microbes to readily digest or destroy harmful chemical compounds which may accumulate within the soil.

Biofeed® helps to reduce sodium toxicity, balance water biology, improve root and soil interactions, and has been proven effective over a period of more than three decades through agricultural, aquaculture, environmental, and turf-grass university studies world-wide.

Biofeed® Products Support Carbon Sequestration

Biofeed® enhances natural carbon absorption from the air into the soil, by energizing the soil organisms and plant cells to naturally “fix” CO2 right from the air, the same way that soil and plants have been grabbing CO2 or Carbon Dioxide since the beginning, since Creation of Our Earth.
Biofeed® products are formulated to stimulate the uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) within plants and soils via natural fixation of carbon and the conversion of nitrates into organic forms of nitrogen. Biofeed® products support nature’s existing design for carbon and nitrate management.

NOTE: For more Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT) information, refer to Independent Third-Party Testing and Field Studies TG-17 and TG-18 at:  Field and University Studies

Biofeed® Mission

Biofeed® is providing sustainable products that regenerate soils while protecting the environment. Biofeed® will uphold our values and principles along with the efforts of progressive agricultural, aquacultural, environmental and turf grass professionals to tackle industry challenges. We refuse to compromise on quality, consistency, or ethics.

Biofeed® Principles

Our principles drive us to assist in feeding, and supporting the world through sustainable, renewable, and efficient agriculture and aquaculture products for use in crop production. We adhere to an undeniable code in developing quality products by creating advanced technology without compromising our product value and ethics.
Biofeed® products have been researched through university studies, field studies, and third-party lab analysis and have proven to enhance biological activity, plant growth, nutrient availability, and crop production.
Biofeed® with ACT® is produced at our manufacturing facility located in Glendale, Arizona-USA where it serves as the foundation formula for all of Biofeed’s fertilizers, environmental, aquatic, and soil management product lines.

Acti-Cell Technology®: A Break-Through in Cellular Soil and Plant Nutrition!