amino-carbon technology ACT

Organic Molecules that Mimic Nature’s Nutrient Delivery System

Biofeed® products come to life through our Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT). Creation of ACT® starts with our proprietary process of biological transformation that breaks down and converts select plant extracts into a concentrated liquid. Application of Biofeed® products promotes the growth of both plant cells and soil organisms.

Why Acti-Cell Technology?

Biofeed® with ACT® is not a mined product but rather it is a naturally produced, bio-cultured additive that includes a select variety of plant derived extracts that are converted into simpler forms. The natural compounds that are generated during the ACT® process work synergistically to hold nutrients to allow easier uptake by leaves and roots and are beneficial for plant growth. The bio-cultured solution of ACT® is then blended with a variety of nutrients that make up the entire Biofeed® line of products.

We use no tap-water as a filler in any of Biofeed® products. The entire solution comes from our extraction tanks and is free of chlorine and other contaminants. This combined proprietary technology helps in the delivery of nutrients to the leaf to improve the vigor of plant growth, blooming, and fruiting.​

Biofeed® is safe and proven effective to use when applied at labeled rates under a wide range of growing conditions. The proprietary ingredients and processes used to formulate Biofeed® products can only be purchased from Biofeed®, the exclusive manufacturer of this outstanding technology which has been proven in the USA and Europe for over 35 years.

What Does Biofeed® Do?

The active components found in Biofeed® dissolve insoluble soil nutrients allowing for improved uptake by plant roots. That means Biofeed® remains active in the soil long after application where it improves the soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).
Biofeed® releases oxygen and hydrogen through the action of specialized enzymes which cleave water (H2O) molecules, thus releasing elemental oxygen and hydrogen into water and within the soil below ground to maintain a healthier aerobic root-zone. Increased oxygen and hydrogen also improve oxidation and reduction reactions that mobilize nutrients and stimulate the activity of beneficial aerobic microbes to readily digest or destroy harmful chemical compounds which may accumulate within the soil.
Biofeed® helps to reduce sodium toxicity, balance water biology, improve root and soil interactions, and has been proven effective over a period of more than three decades through agricultural, aquaculture, environmental, and turf-grass university studies world-wide.

Biofeed® Products Support Carbon Sequestration

Biofeed® enhances natural carbon absorption from the air into the soil, by energizing the soil organisms and plant cells to naturally “fix” CO2 right from the air, the same way that soil and plants have been grabbing CO2 or Carbon Dioxide since the beginning, since Creation of Our Earth.
Biofeed® products are formulated to stimulate the uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) within plants and soils via natural fixation of carbon and the conversion of nitrates into organic forms of nitrogen. Biofeed® products support nature’s existing design for carbon and nitrate management.

NOTE: Please refer to Independent Third-Party Testing and Field Studies TG-17 and TG-18 at:  Field and University Studies

Biofeed® Mission

Biofeed® is providing sustainable products that regenerate soils while protecting the environment. Biofeed® will uphold our values and principles along with the efforts of progressive agricultural, aquacultural, environmental and turf grass professionals to tackle industry challenges. We refuse to compromise on quality, consistency, or ethics.

Biofeed® Principles

Our principles drive us to assist in feeding, and supporting the world through sustainable, renewable, and efficient agriculture and aquaculture products for use in crop production. We adhere to an undeniable code in developing quality products by creating advanced technology without compromising our product value and ethics.
Biofeed® products have been researched through university studies, field studies, and third-party lab analysis and have proven to enhance plant growth, nutrient availability, and crop production.
Biofeed® with ACT® is produced at our manufacturing facility located in Glendale, Arizona-USA where it serves as the foundation formula for all of Biofeed’s fertilizers, environmental, aquatic, and soil management product lines.

Acti-Cell Technology®: A Break-Through in Cellular Nutrition!