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NUTREX™ is a biological energizer blend of compounds that promote accelerated biological growth in the waste stream. One component of maintaining any biological system is providing the elements required by the microorganisms in a bio-complex that is conducive to their metabolic activity.

The nutritional requirement of bacteria is generally satisfied by nutrients contained in the waste stream. This includes nitrogen, water and carbon which is derived from the organic waste which may also contain toxic elements that restrict efficient biological break-down of waste matter. Addition of NUTREX™, supplies ACT®, natural buffers, bio-stimulants, co-enzymes and rare-earth nutrient elements which have shown to enhance the digestion cycle.

When added in the non-sterilized or biological treatment phase of a wastewater treatment plant, NUTREX™ biological energizer improves biochemical oxidation and liquidation of treated effluent, maintain plant stability and reduce plant-operating costs.


  • Improves degradation activity including enhanced general or specific organic removal efficiencies
  • Process stabilization, including shock-load resistance or intake buffering capacity
  • Reduction in COD and BOD levels
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels
  • Reduction in odors
  • Faster reduction of sludge volume
  • Buffers pH in acidic environments
  • Activates aerobic and facultative bacteria

Urea, Organic Acids, Enzymes, Amino Acids and Biostimulants.


Apply by chemical feed pumps or by sprayer. Use at an average rate of 3 ppm (parts per million). Refer to the technical bulletin on our website and consult with your Biofeed Representative for application rates.

Technical Bulletin – English
Safety Data Sheet – English
Ficha Tecnica – Spanish

United States of America
5-gallon (18.93 L) pail
55-gallon (208.2 L) drum
275-gallon (1040.99 L) tote
Other Countries
20-Liter (5.28 gal) pail
208-Liter (54.95 gal) drum
1040-Liter (274.74 gal) tote