Join Our Team

Biofeed Solutions, Inc. invites you to join our fast-growing, world-wide family of distributors in the Aquaculture market.  Biofeed® enables distributors to become the “vendor of choice” for their customers through increased production that drives increased sales and profits. As a Biofeed® distributor you’ll experience:

  • Excellent Profit Margins
  • Exclusive Markets Available
  • Quality, Time-Proven Products
  • Qualified Technical Support

Benefits To Your Customers

The significant advantages of using Biofeed® products allow your customers to reap the benefits, such as:

  • Improved water conditions and growth environments
  • Accelerated growth rate due to improved conditions
  • Stabilization of the pond’s environmental parameters
  • A significant decreased demand for supplemental feed

Our Proven Technology

Our Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT) gives your customers the competitive edge by:

  • Releasing pure-elemental oxygen into the water to support aquatic life
  • Increasing fish and shrimp production
  • Supporting the metabolism of aerobic microbes that thrive in water to aid in sludge digestion

If you’d like to talk to Biofeed Solutions, Inc. about joining our team of distributors, please call us directly at 623-930-7510 or complete the form below. As President and CEO, I welcome the opportunity to discuss having you on our team.