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OXY-POND® is an oxygen releasing formulation of natural enzymes and growth promoting nutrients that regenerate healthier aerobic bioactivity in aquaculture pond bottoms, pond water and hatcheries. OXY-POND® is NOT SPECIFIC to ANY SPECIES of fish or shrimp, but it is a water conditioner and it will help you to grow a better quality and quantity of fish or shrimp!  OXY-POND® is ONE aquaculture product that treats the ENTIRE pond environment in which all species of shrimp or fish grow from start to finish.


OXY-POND® is a natural pond aerator that can be used with, or without a pond aeration system. Use of OXY-POND® has been shown to reduce the need of mechanical aeration and result in reduced energy costs!


OXY-POND® makes pond management easier and better because one product improves the entire aquaculture pond for fish, shrimp, and pond bacteria! Why? Because it contains Biofeed’s exclusive Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT) and HDH technology that releases life-giving oxygen to maintain beneficial aerobic biological activity in your pond. The improved oxygen levels WILL HELP YOU to grow better fish and shrimp. Increased harvests mean increased profits!


OXY-POND® with its oxygen releasing enzymes, oxygen levels increase and anaerobic conditions usually disappear within days, sludge begins to break-down faster and feed efficiency improves as the water quality improves. Also, natural biological activity begins to increase and become better for improved fish and shrimp health!

“Without your OXY-POND product I would lose 30% of the larva. With your product I lose only about 8%. So you save me at least $9,000 in each cycle.”

Enrique del Solar, BiologistTumbes, Peru


Aquatic Scientists agree that the toxicity found in most ponds stems from a lack of oxygen. Ponds lacking adequate oxygen are known as anaerobic while ponds with adequate oxygen are referred to as AEROBIC. Bad odors and ammonia are the first indicator that the pond is sick and is usually anaerobic! As a result, many Aqua farmers mechanically aerate their ponds, often 24 hours a day using pumps or paddles that stir air into the water, but this practice is very costly and does not fully solve the problem!

University and Field-Tested

OXY-POND® formula is an extensively tested and proven product. It has been field-studied in the USA and other countries including Bangladesh, China, Ecuador, India, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam.

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