Restore Your Pond Water, Pond Soil and Hatchery with ONE Aquaculture Product.

OXY-POND™ is a pond management formulation of natural enzymes, organic acids, growth promoting nutrients, and biostimulants that regenerate healthier aerobic bioactivity in aquaculture pond water, pond soil and hatchery. OXY-POND is ONE aquaculture product that treats and conditions the ENTIRE aquaculture environment in which any species of shrimp or fish grow.

How can ONE product manage all this? It is all about when you apply, how much you apply, and to what you apply our OXY-POND product. It is quite revolutionary. We are proud to offer this solution that was over 30 years in the making.

OXY-POND™ IS NOT A PROBIOTIC AND CONTAINS NO VIABLE BACTERIA! Problems are resolved by restoring the aquaculture environment with dissolved oxygen to support optimal, healthy growth of any species of shrimp or fish.

Pond Water

Applying OXY-POND on a regular basis supplies oxygen and provides nutrients that support beneficial aerobic bacteria and stimulates the growth of probiotics already found in the water column.

Pond Soil

OXY-POND contains our exclusive Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT) to improve aquaculture pond soils, and a rich solution of Biofeed’s HDH technology that releases life-giving oxygen to maintain beneficial aerobic biological activity below your pond. This dual-technology combination combines to create soil nutrition that feeds and stimulates beneficial aerobic soil microbes to help keep your pond soil healthier by digesting sludge, reducing disease and eliminating odors.


OXY-POND is a formulation of concentrated organic water stabilizers and Oxygen Releasing Enzymes specially blended to help buffer pH and protect tender young fish and shrimp hatchlings during the pre-pond hatchery stage. OXY-POND also helps to build disease resistance and hasten earlier maturity. OXY-POND is designed to maintain more balanced biological growth and may be used with probiotics to improve productivity, if desired.


Contains Enzymes, bio-complexed nutrients and natural buffers.

OXY-POND™ also contains Biofeed’s exclusive Amino-Carbon Technology® ACT to provide natural organic acids, surfactants, enzymes, amino acids, bio-stimulants, and buffers.

20-liter (5.28 gal) pail
208-liter (54.95 gal) drum
1040-liter (274.74 gal) tote

Technical Bulletin – English
Safety Data Sheet – English
Ficha Tecnica – Spanish


SHAKE WELL OR STIR BEFORE USE. The best method of application is to dilute product in a sprayer filled with water and evenly spray the solution over the top of the water if possible. Hand apply with a cup or small container to toss the liquid product over the pond or lake as far out as possible.


POND WATER: Start the program by pre-treating the pond water 4-5 days before stocking with either fish or shrimp. Apply 3 liters per hectare (1 Qt per acre) of AQUA PRO™ to the pond water.

Apply 1-3 liters per hectare (1-2 Qts per acre) each week during the entire grow-out-cycle.

NOTE: It is advisable to harvest as soon as the shrimp or fish reach their normal marketable size. Most shrimp grow-out cycles will be reduced by 2 to 3 weeks when using this recommended treatment program. Consult your Biofeed dealer for additional information.

POND SOIL: Prior to filling pond with water, apply OXY-POND™ to the pond bottom soil at a rate of 8-10 Liters per Hectare (4 Qts per acre) to the pond bottom. Immediately after treatment, fill pond with water or drip the concentrated product into the water inflow as it fills the pond.

HATCHERY: Apply 2 PPM EACH WEEK during the entire hatchery cycle.

NOTE: It is advisable to transfer to the grow-out pond as soon as shrimp and fish hatchlings reach their normal marketable size. Growth will occur usually 3-6 days faster when using OXY-POND™ in your starter program.

Consult your Biofeed Products dealer for additional information.

OXY-POND Resolves Common Pond Water, Pond Soil and Hatchery Problems


The Oxy-Pond™ Resolution

Noxious odors

Digests mercaptans and other odor-causing compounds.

High disease occurrence

Reduces sludge at the pond bottom which is the common source of anaerobic bioactivity and disease-causing bacteria.

High mortality rate of shrimp and fish

Increases oxygen levels, dissolves sludge and improves overall environment to reduce mortality rates.

Low harvest yields

Reduces intensive variations in oxygen levels that negatively impact shrimp and fish.

Toxic soil pond bottoms

Through the release of elemental oxygen – complex chemical residues, feces, and sludge are readily decomposed into harmless byproducts.

Poor water quality

Released elemental oxygen and reduced disease-causing bacteria help extremely sensitive shrimp larvae and fish fry by improved water quality.

Anaerobic sludge build-up

Releases oxygen into the sludge bed to enhance bio-oxidation of organic matters.

Low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels

Maintaining adequate oxygen levels is vital to ensuring a healthy grow-out cycle.

Slow growth rate

Improves the aquatic environment, allows for improved digestion and feed conversion rate (FCR) and results in maintaining a higher level of nutrition for enhanced growth of shrimp or fish.

Low natural food sources

A restored pond environment allows a healthy population of zooplankton and a phytoplankton bloom to enrich the pond. This also reduces supplemental feed cost since the nature food sources increase.

Reduced Profit

OXY-POND improves the growing conditions in the hatchery and pond water resulting in higher production levels and improved profitability.

OXY-POND™ formula is an extensively tested and proven product. It has been field-studied in the USA and several other countries including Bangladesh, China, Ecuador, India, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam. Learn more at