A New Dimension in Bioremediation

Over the last 30 years a new approach to cleaning our environment has emerged which may change the way we manage our waste as well as the way we control pollution in our environment. This rapidly growing approach enhances earth’s natural biological systems to disassemble polluting compounds to harmless, basic elements at an accelerated rate.

This powerful method of treatment developed and manufactured by Biofeed Solutions, Inc., called Selective Substrate Technology- SST™ consists of a line of liquid product formulations containing organic buffers, bio-nutrients, organic acids and specialized enzymes that are applied to chemically contaminated soils and water. These specialized product combinations have proven to be effective through university and field trials in stimulating rapid bio-oxidation and digestion of organic and synthetic compounds. Among these polluting compounds are petroleum hydrocarbons both crude and refined as well as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and heavy metals and manufacturing effluents that are highly toxic to fish, animals and humans.

Biofeed’s SST™ provides a new dimension of safe and natural attenuation of our water and soils that are affected by the worlds’ industrial machine. Everywhere around us hungry microbes are at work digesting our waste, day and night, recycling what would otherwise accumulate and make our planet uninhabitable. This process has been taking place since the creation of our planet. Man has abused his right to live here.

The subsequent increase of synthetic pollutants released into our environment caused by the mishandling and use of chemicals, fertilizers and hydrocarbon containing materials has caused an overloading of these compounds into our environment, thereby overwhelming the earth’s natural biological systems. Globally, pollution has negatively affected our oceans and farm soils, the very source of our sustenance.

Yesterday’s technology has proven not be the solution for tomorrow’s environmental pollution. Biofeed Solutions, Inc. has thus accepted the challenge and has developed its SST™ solutions for the ever-growing environmental problems faced by the world’s population. In recent years analytical research has allowed for the determination of toxic levels of synthetic and organic chemicals in both soil and water systems. These technologies are also useful in determining safety limits for certain residual components deposited during the bioremediation process.

However, many microenvironments that appear to be thoroughly remediated have often later been determined to contain toxic levels after in depth laboratory analysis. As a result, these sites require expensive secondary treatment in an attempt to eliminate toxin(s). One problem with such treatment is that most products commonly used to remediate do not have the capability to support complete bio-decomposition of many known toxins. Therefore, secondary treatment may be required, which often exceeds budget. The solution is to begin the remediation process with products that have a proven track record when used in a comprehensive bio-remediation program.

Biofeed’s SST™ provides an effective first line of attack against the damaging effects of environmental pollution and has shown consistent elimination of defined unwanted hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and agricultural chemicals in soils and water and they are effective tools for managing wastewater systems, sludge and odors. Further, these products are in and of themselves harmless to the environment making them the ideal self-sustaining environmental remediation solution.

Biofeed Solutions, Inc. is truly dedicated to preserving our environment, by renewing the life in our soils and water by utilizing the very latest technology it has developed and continues to seek ways to further improve its already advanced biotechnology.