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Why should I use Biofeed products instead of common chemical products?

Simple. Biofeed products are university and field-tested and are proven to provide a dynamic alternative to environmentally harmful chemicals. The products are available in easy to use concentrated form that may be applied in a variety of ways. Most of the fertilizers on the market today are based on old technology from an age that ignores the benefits of building healthy, living soil. Biofeed products, on the other hand are designed to enhance the life beneath our feet. This results in a more balanced pro-biological growing environment for all plants, crops and turf.

Why don’t chemical fertilizers improve the soil?

Soil is a complex system of microbial functions that involves the activity of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, molds, actinomycetes, protozoa, nematodes, microarthropods, algae, and a variety of higher life forms. These live synergistically to process the complex matters that enter the soil and ultimately convert environmental refuse into nutritional compounds that are converted into efficient plant nutrients or long chain components that aid soil structure. A hand full of healthy soil contains more microbes than there are people on the earth. Scientific research reports that just one teaspoon may contain up to 600,000,000 individual bacteria, 60,000 meters of fungal hyphae, 500,000 microarthropods, 500,000 beneficial nematodes, 100,000 protozoa, 100,000 yeasts. Soil is truly a living system. Chemical nutrient sources alone do not provide the complex biostimulation or the organic energy components required to support the soils diverse microbial populations.

How are Biofeed products unique or different?

Biofeed products are not a copy or knock-off of other products on the market. These formulations have been developed through many years of research to determine the most environmentally synergistic components available. The Biofeed process converts plant nutrients into a dynamically available form for efficient assimilation by plants and crops. Since 1986, Biofeed has been leading the way in the industry by producing and marketing the most advanced biotechnology products available today.

How do I know what products to use?

Biofeed literature provides basic use information and our dealers and distributors can work with you to determine the most effective product combinations and treatment programs no matter what your business may be. From aqua-farming, agriculture, golf course, landscaping or environmental care, Biofeed provides its representatives and customers with extensive training and readily available technical expertise directly from its product development department. Technical support is also available online at:

How do I apply Biofeed products?

Biofeed products are applied directly to the soil, seed, plant leaves or the irrigation water by drip application, fertilizer injection systems and hand or power sprayer. On farming operations, the products are generally spray applied with ground spray rigs and aerial spray rigs during foliar application or water-run for soil application.

Do I need a permit or license to apply Biofeed products?

We recommend that the user contact his/her local fertilizer regulatory agency to determine if there are any licenses required to apply fertilizers for profit within their state or region.

How does Biofeed improve soil and crop fertility?

Biofeed contains plant nutrients in a proprietary blend of 100% soluble organic molecules which we call; Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT). Plants which generally contain up to 40% carbon, absorb it from the atmosphere through the leaves in the form of carbon dioxide, but they also absorb carbon compounds through the roots that is released by soil microbes as they decompose organic matters. Biofeed products increase the rate of conversion of decaying plant matter to carbon-rich compounds called humus, which aids in retaining plant nutrients in an exchangeable form. Humus is the dark component found in healthy soils and serves as a long-term source of energy for essential soil microorganisms. Without carbon in the soil, the biological food web is deficient and plant life suffers. Biofeed products with ACT® works along with soil nutrients & plant residues, breaking these down to their basic elements, thereby significantly balancing the soils nitrogen/carbon ratio which in turn supports beneficial soil bacteria so they can grow and multiply. Fertility lies in the living portion of ALL soils and the complex functions this supports releases soil nutrients to hungry plant roots.

How do microbes function as the digestive system for plants?

The root-zone or rhizosphere is the home for many billions of soil bacteria that act as a digestive system for plants by decomposing a wide variety of organic matters, chemicals and nutrients. During the process of photosynthesis, plants generate sugars, organic acids and chlorophyll that combine to form complex carbohydrates. These complex carbohydrates are then pumped downward to the roots where it is exuded into the root-zone, and serves as a food source for soil microbes living throughout the root-zone. These microbes then utilize complex carbohydrate to produce vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. These microbial products then naturally dissolve nutrients present in the soil and release them for uptake back into the root system where these nutrients then flow throughout the entire plant system thus supporting further plant metabolic activity. This process occurs continuously during the plant life cycle. This is but one process supported by Biofeed products.

What are the functions that biological life in the soil can do?

  1. Decomposition of crop and plant residues into valuable humus.
  2. Conversion of insoluble nutrients into a plant usable complexed or chelated form.
  3. Disease suppression by natural biological control through a system of checks and balances.
  4. Generation of enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides that contribute to healthy soil structure.
  5. Detoxification of chemical residues into harmless by-products and humus.
  6. Production of natural biostimulants and plant growth regulators.

Do Biofeed products leave any harmful or toxic residue?

Biofeed products are formulated using ingredients that become subject to microbial or environmental breakdown following application. Biofeed Solutions, Inc, is committed to protecting our environment by renewing the life in our soils and water.

Are Biofeed products tested by any approved laboratories, private firms or universities?

YES!!! Several of the products have been tested in university trials as well as by private researchers and the results are well documented. Toxicology tests have been conducted on several of the company’s water treatment products to determine safe levels of use or spillage, and meet or exceed the US EPA’s toxicology limit threshold. Consult your Biofeed representative for research data for use in your specific market area.

Does Biofeed Solutions, Inc. have quality control measures in place to ensure consistency?

YES!!! Several measures are utilized to maintain product integrity and performance. Nutrients and other additives are precisely measured to meet the exacting guaranteed analysis for each product formula. Every batch is sampled and stored for no less than 1 year from the date of manufacture. Our production processes are monitored on a scheduled basis to ensure consistent solubility of select amino acids and other organic acids from our ACT® process. Biofeed Solutions, Inc. strives to maintain the highest level of product quality. Biofeed management believes that its superior quality and production procedures will further advance its goals and interests and ensure its growth ahead of any potential competition.

Does Biofeed have adequate production capabilities?

Yes, Biofeed Solutions, Inc. has a production capacity of up to 100,000 gallons per month of combined products. The company stores adequate raw materials to produce up to 6 months of finished products, and relies on several large suppliers with large bulk shipment capabilities.

Can Biofeed Solutions, Inc. provide custom blending and packaging?

Yes, Biofeed has the ability to custom blend a wide-range of fertilizers and environmental products and can package these in a variety of container sizes to supply a variety of markets. The company utilizes several large and small mixing and storage bulk tanks to blend and store various products, custom or standard.

Do Biofeed products require any registration?

Yes, Each state or country has a fertilizer regulatory department that oversees or tracks the products sold within that state. As Biofeed expands its markets it takes the required steps to satisfy all state or country registration requirements for the promotion and sale of the products.

Do Biofeed products cost more than common chemical products?

NO! Biofeed products generally compete on a cost per acre basis and the products are super-concentrated to reduce shipping and application expenses.