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Properly managing the type of biological activity found in pond or lake water and in the soil that you irrigate, is vital to maintaining soil fertility and growing healthy crops, turf and plants. Scientists agree that this is true. Disease factors found in both plants and water systems primarily stem from the lack of oxygen. Both water systems and soils lacking adequate oxygen are known as anaerobic, while water systems and soils that have adequate oxygen on a consistent basis are referred to as aerobic. Therefore, turf managers often mechanically aerate, using heavy equipment that literally pumps air into the water or pokes holes into the soil allowing air to penetrate, but either practice is very costly and rarely solves the problems.

Delivering oxygen to the root zone is necessary as conditions such as black layer often plague farm soils and even the best of golf greens where it causes putrid odors that resembles rotten eggs and destroys tender root systems. This identifying odor is caused by the over growth or proliferation of anaerobic bacteria such as Clostridia sp., desulfovibrio and desulfotomatuculum bacteria and/or various blue-green algae or cyanobacteria which produce mucilage that blocks air and water movement in sandy and clay soils and contributes to chemo-trauma or chemical burn to the roots in golf greens.

Biofeed products bring a new approach to improving soil and water oxygen levels as they contain a specialized enzyme system called H2O-Dehydrogenase (HDH) which effectively splits the water molecule, releasing elemental oxygen while producing a highly aerobic environment that excludes the proliferation of noxious anaerobic bacteria. This powerful HDH system has proven to be very useful in improving chemical and metabolic oxidation/reduction reactions in both soils allowing for improved nutrient up take by plant roots while reducing disease occurrence.

Following treatment with Biofeed products, oxygen levels rise and anaerobic conditions usually disappear within days to weeks, water penetration and fertilizer efficiency improves and overall turf quality improves as the soils biological systems tend to become more conducive to plant health. Numerous university and field studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of these products in a variety of applications. The research continues.

Biofeed Solutions, Inc. is proud to be a technology leader by delivering both unique and high quality products to meet the needs of the growing world markets.

Are You Irrigating Your Landscape with Pond Water?

Aqua Pro Pail

In your pond there are countless populations of bacteria at work trying to maintain a natural balance between sludge digestion, nitrogen cycling and oxygen consumption. To accomplish this, the natural metabolism of the aquatic bacteria in your pond requires adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) to grow and manage sludge build up. Various levels of DO may be achieved through mechanical aeration, yet this may not always be enough!

The solution for naturally oxygenating water and gently buffering pH is HERE!

AQUA PRO provides powerful water-splitting HDH enzymes which both oxygenates the water and helps to gently lower pH as a result of freeing hydrogen from the high energy H2O bonds that make up the water molecule. This gentle buffering of the pH improves the biochemical environment further supporting the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria in the pond.

A Healthier Turf & Landscape Starts with Aerobic Water Health!

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