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OXY-POND® Is Your Solution for Pond Water, Pond Soil and Hatchery Management

Biofeed continues to build this page as we receive feedback from our distributors and clients who are testing and using OXY-POND® in their fish and shrimp farms.


The Oxy-Pond® Solution!

Noxious odors

Digests mercaptans and other odor-causing compounds.

High disease occurrence

Reduces sludge at the pond bottom which is the common source of anaerobic bioactivity and disease-causing bacteria.

High mortality rate of shrimp and fish

Increases oxygen levels, dissolves sludge and improves overall environment to reduce mortality rates.

Low harvest yields

Reduces intensive variations in oxygen levels that negatively impact shrimp and fish.

Toxic soil pond bottoms

Through the release of elemental oxygen – complex chemical residues, feces, and sludge are readily decomposed into harmless byproducts.

Poor water quality

Released elemental oxygen and reduced disease-causing bacteria help extremely sensitive shrimp larvae and fish fry by improved water quality.

Anaerobic sludge build-up

Releases oxygen into the sludge bed to enhance bio-oxidation of organic matters.

Low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels

Maintaining adequate oxygen levels is vital to ensuring a healthy grow-out cycle.

Slow growth rate

Improves the aquatic environment, allows for improved digestion and feed conversion rate (FCR) and results in maintaining a higher level of nutrition for enhanced growth of shrimp or fish.

Low natural food sources

A restored pond environment allows a healthy population of zooplankton and a phytoplankton bloom to enrich the pond. This also reduces supplemental feed cost since the nature food sources increase.

Reduced Profit

OXY-POND® improves the growing conditions in the hatchery and pond water resulting in higher production levels and improved profitability.

OXY-POND® formula is an extensively tested and proven product. It has been field-studied in the USA and several other countries including Bangladesh, China, Ecuador, India, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam. Learn more at