Restore Your Pond Water, Pond Soil and Hatchery with ONE Aquaculture Product.


OXY-POND™ is a pond management solution of natural enzymes and growth promoting nutrients that regenerate healthier aerobic bioactivity in aquaculture pond water, pond soil and hatchery. OXY-POND™ is ONE aquaculture product that treats and conditions the ENTIRE aquaculture environment in which any species of shrimp or fish grow.

How can ONE product manage all this? It is all about when you apply, how much you apply, and to what you apply our OXY-POND™ product. It is quite revolutionary. We are proud to offer this solution that was over 30 years in the making.

OXY-POND™ IS NOT A PROBIOTIC AND CONTAINS NO VIABLE BACTERIA! Problems are resolved by restoring the aquaculture environment with dissolved oxygen to support optimal, healthy growth of any species of shrimp or fish.


OXY-POND is a pond management formulation of natural enzymes and growth promoting nutrients that regenerate healthier aerobic bioactivity in aquaculture pond water. Applying OXY-POND™ on a regular basis supplies oxygen and provides nutrients that support beneficial aerobic bacteria and stimulates the growth of probiotics already found in the water column.


OXY-POND improves aquaculture pond soils using Biofeed’s HDH technology that releases life-giving oxygen to maintain beneficial aerobic biological activity in your pond. This dual-technology combination combines to create soil nutrition that feeds and stimulates beneficial aerobic soil microbes to help keep your pond soil healthier by digesting sludge, reducing disease and eliminating odors.


OXY-POND is a formulation of concentrated organic water stabilizers and Oxygen Releasing Enzymes specially blended to help buffer pH and protect tender young fish and shrimp hatchlings during the pre-pond hatchery stage. OXY-POND also helps to build disease resistance and hasten earlier maturity. OXY-POND is designed to maintain more balanced biological growth and may be used with probiotics to improve productivity, if desired.



Contains Enzymes, bio-complexed nutrients and natural buffers.


SHAKE WELL OR STIR BEFORE USE. The best method of application is to dilute product in a sprayer filled with water and evenly spray the solution over the top of the water if possible. Hand apply with a cup or small container to toss the liquid product over the pond or lake as far out as possible.


POND WATER: Start the program by pre-treating the pond water 4-5 days before stocking with either fish or shrimp. Apply 3 liters per hectare (1 Qt per acre) of OXY-POND™ to the pond water.

Apply 1-3 liters per hectare (1-2 Qts per acre) each week during the entire grow-out-cycle.

NOTE: It is advisable to harvest as soon as the shrimp or fish reach their normal marketable size. Most shrimp grow-out cycles will be reduced by 2 to 3 weeks when using this recommended treatment program. Consult your Biofeed dealer for additional information.

POND SOIL: Prior to filling pond with water, apply OXY-POND™ to the pond bottom soil at a rate of 8-10 Liters per Hectare (4 Qts per acre) to the pond bottom. Immediately after treatment, fill pond with water or drip the concentrated product into the water inflow as it fills the pond.

HATCHERY: Apply 2 PPM EACH WEEK during the entire hatchery cycle.

NOTE: It is advisable to transfer to the grow-out pond as soon as shrimp and fish hatchlings reach their normal marketable size. Growth will occur usually 3-6 days faster when using OXY-POND™ in your starter program.

Consult your Biofeed Products dealer for additional information.

Technical Bulletin – English
Safety Data Sheet – English
Ficha Tecnica – Spanish

United States of America

5-gallon pail (18.93 L)
55-gallon drum
275-gallon tote (1040.99 L)
Other Countries
20-liter (5.28 gal) pail
1040-liter (274.74 gal) tote

“We have been using Biofeed OXY-POND since March 2017.

Nowadays the biggest problem in shrimp farming is running [high] mortality but, after using OXY-POND as per protocol of only 2-Liters per hectare we didn't face this problem. Of course, seed selection [is] also very important but we tried so many products and I can tell you in Asian condition we find OXY-POND is the best. After harvest we didn't find any black soil at [the] bottom of [the] pond so we can see it works very well.

. . . I shared [my] results [with] one farmer who lost heavily in [his] first crop with poor Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) and [his] pond bottom [was] also not good in that case. In his second crop he used only OXY-POND and he had [a] profitable harvest with less cost of production. He can see it works well.

In our running crop we use OXY-POND for soil treatment in [the] majority of our ponds. Now [the] bloom is very stable and growth [is] also good.”

Jignesh U. Contractor, Vaishnavi Aquatech (India)