Advanced Bio-Fertilizer Technology

Biofeed Solutions, Inc. produces an advanced line of liquid biotech products that solve a variety of issues associated with agriculture, aquaculture, landscape management, municipal waste and environmental pollution. These bio-products are based on nearly 30 years of field research and development beginning in 1986. These formulations are enzymatically produced using a balanced combination of hydrolyzed plant proteins, natural enzymes, intracellular extracts, complex organic acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, hormones and nutrient elements. This vital enzymatic process is used to produce our Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT). A variation of nutritional combinations of ACT and nutrients are used to formulate over 55 different Biofeed products. Biofeed products deliver a compelling growth promoting effect at the cellular level to facilitate minute changes that bring dynamic results.

We strive in every way to provide products and technologies that work in harmony with that which was brought about by our Designer and Creator. For it can be no incidental evolutionary mistake that we exist and that the entire world exists to support human life with our amazing ability to think, reason and love. Therefore to His honor, let us use our powers of understanding to do all things for God’s glory and praise for all that He has created. For it is by His will that all things exist. – Revelation 4:11

Biofeed products work in harmony with nature.

Continuing Research

The professionals at Biofeed Solutions, Inc. have carefully developed technologies that counter the negative impact caused by industrial chemicals with the primary goal of producing safe, technology-based alternatives to harmful chemicals. Today Biofeed Solutions, Inc., manufactures and markets affordable, effective and concentrated products to reduce shipping costs and improve ease of handling and use.

From our humble beginning when our first small “formula” was produced, to today’s manufacturing facility located in Glendale, AZ. USA, Biofeed Solutions, Inc. is adhering to its goal of discovering dynamic technologies and developing these into beneficial products that restore and protect our precious environment.


Biofeed Solutions, Inc., realizes the need to provide qualified support to product performance claims and this it has begun to do by establishing relationships with top researchers in the fields of agriculture, turf grass management, aquaculture and environment the world over. Today’s established educational system has promoted the use of chemical technology which has in many cases caused near irreparable harm to our planets delicate ecosystem. Biofeed Solutions, Inc. is constantly discovering links between its pro-biological technology and today’s conventional chemical methods and provides extensive technological support and training to break down former paradigms and is dedicated to teaching and implementing this new method of managing our environment through the use of its dynamic products.

Biofeed Solutions, Inc. realizes that a better world begins in the hearts and minds of those conscientious of our environment.

Pro-Biological Nutrition

Maintaining an active microbial system in soil is the key to the bio-elimination of toxic chemicals and maximizing soil fertility. Like plants, microbes require nutrients to support their metabolic activities. Nutrients are described as elements that are essential for the growth or maintenance of bacteria and higher life forms. The molecular composition of microbial cells is fairly constant and indicates the nutritional requirements for growth. Water and carbon constitute 90% or more of cellular weight and are always major nutrients. Organic wastes in soils, waterways and sewage treatment facilities can provide these elements. However, a portion of the essential nutrients required for complete destruction of organic pollutants requires specialized nutrient complexes that support digestion of these matters into basic elements such as carbon dioxide, water and minerals. These specialized nutrients are components of Biofeed’s product base formula (ACT) which is generated from highly concentrated and proprietary plant derived ingredients and production methods. These natural compounds function as dynamic microbial accelerators and when applied to both plants and soils these stimulate cellular growth of plants and proliferation of indigenous beneficial aerobic microbial systems that are conducive to complete bio-oxidation of organic pollutants and chemical matters.


Enzymes are organic catalysts consisting of complex functional proteins. They play a vital role in all living cells. The biochemical reactions that support life are directly carried out by the catalyzing affect of enzymes. Reactions that would otherwise take many years to complete instead occur in mere moments due to enzyme function. All plant cells are nourished only by soluble nutrients. This solublizing of nutrients is accomplished to a great degree by the activity of a variety of enzymes. Enzymes, however,  are specific in reaction, for example; Protease is specific for protein, Urease is specific for urea, and our newly discovered H20-dehydrogenase (HDH) Enzyme System is specific for hydrogen=oxygen bonds, resulting in the release of elemental oxygen and hydrogen into the soil and water environment as it affects the water molecule. Biofeed products supply specialized enzyme-based products to stimulate the metabolic rate of soil and water borne aerobic microorganisms and to improve the mobility of tied-up nutrients, which in turn boost crop production and enhance the bio-oxidation and digestion of a wide variety of environmental pollutants.

Organic Acids

Organic acids are active components in Biofeed products. These include light weight molecular compounds including, carboxylic, P~beta hydroxy acid and over 20 other identified organic functional groups. These organic acids are generated through a series of proprietary submerged culture techniques to produce our Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT). Therefore, ACT assists a variety of beneficial biochemical reactions that improve the solubility of tied-up mineral nutrients to improve natural nutrition for plant-life and biological systems found in soils and water. The organic acids found in our ACT function as chelating agents. Chelates are unique organic molecules comprising of a mulitivalent compounds which capture individual nutrient elements thus holding them in a soluble state for easier plant up-take. ACT also acts as a natural buffer that reduces pressure from sodium and mineral salt accumulation, thus aiding in the detoxifying of harmful chemical residues and which may be present in both soils and waters.

Growth Stimulants/Hormones

A variety of growth stimulants are produced in the metabolic processes of certain bacteria, yeasts, molds and cyanobacteria. These include auxins, gibberellins, cytokynnins, florigen, vitamins, hormones and salycilic acids. These promote a variety of essential cellular activities such as root growth, healing processed, cell elongation, bud production and fruiting. In soils it has been determined that several of these natural compounds accelerate microbial activity resulting in improved soil fertility and subsequent root and plant growth. Extensive scientific research has further show that these biostimulants have a definitive and positive effect on the physiology of plant growth and crop production. The negative environmental impact caused by pesticides, herbicides, defoliant residue, and the over use or misuse of chemically derived fertilizers has resulted in destroying much of the growth of beneficial microbial systems in soils which would otherwise naturally produce and supply plants with these much needed biostimulants. Biofeed products supply these biostimulants at rates that have been determined by extensive field studies to provide maximum benefit to soil, plant and water systems.

Amino-Carbon Technology™ (ACT)

Biofeed products are brought to life through our unique Amino-Carbon Technology™ (ACT). This powerful organic component is free of heavy metals, alkaline salts or other harmful by-products. ACT™ is biologically produced at our plant – it is not derived from mined or chemically extracted compounds.

Biofeed Solutions is…

“Dedicated to preserving our environment by renewing the life in our soils and water”.