Advanced Bio-Fertilizer Technology

Biofeed Solutions, Inc. produces an advanced line of liquid biotech products that solve a variety of issues associated with agriculture, aquaculture, landscape management, municipal waste and environmental pollution. These bio-products are based on nearly 36 years of field research. These formulations are enzymatically produced using a balanced combination of hydrolyzed plant proteins, natural enzymes, intracellular extracts, complex organic acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, hormones and nutrient elements. This vital enzymatic process is used to produce our Acti-Cell Technology (ACT). A variation of nutritional combinations of ACT and nutrients are used to formulate over 55 different Biofeed products. Biofeed products deliver a compelling growth promoting effect at the cellular level to facilitate minute changes that bring dynamic results.

We strive in every way to provide products and technologies that work in harmony with that which was brought about by our Designer and Creator. For it can be no incidental evolutionary mistake that we exist and that the entire world exists to support human life with our amazing ability to think, reason and love. Therefore to His honor, let us use our powers of understanding to do all things for God’s glory and praise for all that He has created. For it is by His will that all things exist. – Revelation 4:11

Biofeed products work in harmony with nature. Learn even more by reading our company profile.