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Save CARBON! That’s something we all hear. But how? Applying Biofeed® is an affordable way to capture CARBON and in the process Biofeed® will do even more.  In fact, one vital way to save water is to add more organic matter to the soil and in doing so, can also help stave off global warming in the process!

Our solution is to build better soil by regularly applying Biofeed SOIL-PLUS® which will stimulate an enormous growth of microbes and add organic matter to the soil! This process generates organic matter faster than it can decompose and that’s why it increases!

Consider this; for every One (1) percent increase of organic matter in the top soil will result in retaining over 27,000 gallons of water in the top Six Inches (6″) of soil. We’ve lab tested it and we know SOIL-PLUS® will do this for your soil!

So, you ask how much organic matter does that add up to? According to the USDA website, If you calculate an acre-foot of soil, which weighs an average of 2,000 tons or 4,000,000 pounds of soil on average, One (1) percent of that is 40,000 pounds of organic matter. Why is this so critical to know, because in two recent studies conducted on two Arizona calcareous soils, which were treated for more than 2 years with our Biofeed® SOIL-PLUS®, the organic matter now averages more than 4.1 and 5.5 percent. That is an increase of over 2.5 and 3.5 percent or 100,000 and 140,000 pounds of organic matter! So, just one of these customers actually saved an average of 94,500 gallons of water per acre. Imagine if we could do this for you!

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There is growing evidence that tells us that salt is a huge concern for anyone who wants to grow crops or plants, farming to gardening to lawns trees and shrubs. However, many years of research has resulted in the development of products that when applied results in decreased soil salts and now by applying SOIL-PLUS® from Biofeed Solutions, Inc. we can deliver the solution right to you!

How is this achieved? Biofeed can install an automatic feeding system onto your irrigation system and then we will automatically refill your fertigation tank each month to ensure that your landscape gets enough. Or, if you’ve already got an automatic feeder system we can set it up to inject our products. Either way, you’ll see the difference! On the farm you can apply it by drip tank, float box or sprayer!

Won’t that cause a lot more growth and increase our maintenance costs? Answer: Not necessarily. Plants, turf and trees do need better soil however they don’t need the salt. Salt comes to each and every living plant in the landscape or farm right through the irrigation water and it builds up in the soil thus creating a toxic soil condition that eventually kills crops and plants. We have supplied many farms,  HOAS, and landscapes with SOIL-PLUS®, which is a rich source of our Acti-Cell Technology or (ACT®) which acts as a sort of “liquid magnet” that is attracted to salt. The problem is that free salt floats and builds up in the root zone. Whereas, combined sodium, or ACT® and Sodium together effectively reduce the toxicity, helping it to sink and leach down below the root systems of the plant or crop!

Some new growth will be observed, however if the water and soil were already free of salt, wouldn’t you expect a little more green growth?

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Save carbon, Save water, Save plants, Save money and Produce Bigger, Better Crops and healthier Turf and Plants!

Read the following Third-Party test results to see what our products can do in your soil to increase the organic matter. This results in immediate water savings!