Managing your farm while improving your bottom line is a tough issue. Year after year you apply the same high-dollar agrichemicals and see the same yields with reduced profits. Biofeed® products are designed to activate your soil, stimulate better plant response and make you more money at harvest. Boost your fertilizer efficiency, break the cycle of minimal return and farm with profits in sight!


Biofeed® Products are Powered by Plants using Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT)

ACT® is created through a proprietary Biofeed process which converts select plant extracts and components into a concentrate of organic acids and bio-stimulants. All nutrients must be soluble for absorption and delivery to plants either through the leaf or root uptake. Biofeed products are much more than N-P-K in a bottle. Biofeed liquid, enzyme-based fertilizers come to life through our ACT base additive to mimic Nature’s nutrient delivery system. The results reduce sodium toxicity, balance water biology, and improve root and soil interactions. ACT® and N-P-K combined, promote the growth of both plant cells and aerobic soil organisms to enhance natural soil fertility while renewing life into the Earth’s soils and water.



“[Xinjiang is the largest production region of commercial cotton in China. A comparison test was done using Soil-Plus to determine soil and crop improvement.] I observed and recorded the cotton growth conditions regularly [blank group vs Biofeed test group]. Using Soil-Plus, cotton productivity increased 18.2% over the blank group with an average increase of 44 kilograms of cotton per acre.”

Chang Jianguo, Chief Farming EngineerHuamao Farm - Fukang, Xinjiang

Some sites or conditions may require a combination of Biofeed® products. Consult a Biofeed Account Representative for specialized applications.


Soil Conditioners / Builders

A concentrated formulation of ACT® plus added nitrogen that is formulated to chelate a variety of minerals, salts and heavy metals. This dynamic blend also aids in enhancing bio-degradation of a wide range of organics and complex hydrocarbons.

SURFACT™ enhances the infiltration and penetration of applied irrigation water and rainfall in agricultural soils. Surfact will enhance irrigation efficiency and improve moisture levels in the soil, providing a better growing environment for your plants.

A concentrated soil builder and conditioner designed to stimulate beneficial aerobic bio-activity in the soil while it chelates and dissolves soil nutrients and minerals to improve plant up-take. Contains a super-concentrate of ACT® to support microbial diversity and improve overall soil health and structure through polysaccharide production and the release of elemental oxygen.

A bio-dynamic formulation of nitrogen, trace elements and digestive enzymes in a base of ACT®. Promotes vigorous growth of soil microbial activity to enhance the breakdown of plant resides and thatch into humus.

Crop Protection

VECTROL™ is a broad spectrum, triple control contact and systemic liquid fungicide, insecticide and nematicide that is 100% biodegradable. Kills or controls fungi, insects and nematodes. Use on all crops, turf, ornamentals and soil.


Provides a high phosphate blend with ACT® to promote sugar (BRIX) production, resulting in greater chloropyll activity and improved crop production. Can be applied to most annual or perennial crops. This formulation is especially beneficial prior to and during plant establishment, onset of flowering, fruit set, ripening and post-harvest, and pre-dormancy of fruit and nut trees and vines.

A highly efficient potassium solution with ACT®, which is beneficial during extremes in temperature and drought stress. This near-neutral solution allows for immediate uptake and translocation throughout the entire plant, thus improving the quantity and ratio of antioxidants produced by plants resulting in faster recovery from stress.

A highly concentrated formulation of potassium and boron with ACT® that promotes late season translocation of sugars from the leaf, stem, and roots into the fruit or fiber to improve the yield quality and quantity. Cash in on your crop!

A super-concentrated foliar nutrient blend with ACT®, which provides cellular energy and stimulates hormone production when sprayed on the plant before and during budding, bloom-set and fruiting, resulting in a more dense and uniform set. Supports improved plant recovery following harvest. Also stimulates root growth by helping to promote protein, antioxidant and BRIX translocation to the root system.

Provides liquid nitrogen in four plant available forms with ACT® for efficient absorption into the leaf and roots.

Secondary & Micro-Nutrients

Provides crops with elemental calcium and ACT®. It readily enters the plant through foliar or soil application to supplement deficiency by supplying plant available calcium. In the Soil, it may assist uptake of nutrients into the plant. Application can be combined with pre-emergent herbicides or combined with UAN applications. Sufficient calcium in the leaf may help control heat stress and reduce disease occurrence.

Contains liquid iron with ACT® to increase leaf absorption and translocation of this vital element. These combine to promote dark green leaf color, strong plant development, improved antioxidant production, plant enzyme activity, and chlorophyll production.

Contains liquid manganese with ACT®. Manganese is one of the essential nutrients required for plant growth. Many biochemical plant processes are dependent on this nutrient, including chloroplast formation, photosynthesis, nitrogen metabolism and synthesis of some enzymes.

Provides a rich source of potassium and soluble silica with ACT® for efficient leaf absorption and translocation throughout the plant. These combine to promote strong vertical leaf and stem development.

Contains liquid zinc with ACT®, which supports vital biochemical reactions in the plant. Zinc activates enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins. It is used in the formation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates, and conversion of starches to sugars. Zinc helps the plant withstand cold temperatures and is essential in the formation of auxins, which help with growth regulation and stem elongation.

Contains liquid cobalt with ACT® to support vital biochemical reactions in the plant. Cobalt is required for nitrogen fixation in the root nodules of leguminous crops. A deficiency will result in nitrogen deficiency symptoms such as reduced protein content and poor leaf growth.

Provides crops with magnesium and ACT®. It readily enters the plant through foliar or soil application to supplement deficiency by supplying plant available magnesium. Magnesium (Mg) is one of 18 nutrients essential for plant growth. It is actively involved in photosynthesis as the central element of the chlorophyll molecule. Magnesium plays an important role in plant respiration and energy metabolism.

Contains a powerful combination of ACT® and organically chelated micronutrients to maximize leaf absorption. These combine to promote strong plant development, improve antioxidant activity, activate plant enzymes and chlorophyll production leading to deeper green leaf color and improved plant health.

Contains liquid molybdenum with ACT®, which supports vital biochemical reactions in the plant. Molybdenum is required for three primary biochemical functions: 1. converts nitrates (NO3) into amino acids, 2. supports the symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria in legumes and 3. essential to the conversion of inorganic phosphorus into organic forms in the plant for enhanced translocation to plant cells.

Contains elemental zinc and manganese with ACT®, which supports vital biochemical reactions in crops, plants and citrus. When combined, Zinc and Manganese activate a broad range of enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins and enzymes.