Results in Nectarine Fields

We check the effectiveness of Chetrol in a nectarine field. This biofertilizer helps the plant in absorbing nutrients.

In this case, 2L / Tm was added to the conventional nutrient solution, thus reducing the dose of this conventional subscriber.

Sap samples were taken from the trees to which the product had been applied, and a large increase of nutrients was observed in comparison to the trees to which Chetrol had not yet been applied.

As we can see in the photograph, the good nutrition of a tree can be seen in the intense green color of its leaves and its foliage.

Results on Watermelon Plantation

Sample taken in a watermelon plantation on April 6, 2017. The Biofeed complex liquid fertilizer 12-10-18 + 3 Mg was applied in a localized form, at the rate of 300 kg / ha.

The first impressions of both the technicians and the farmer are that they have achieved an increase in plant vigor and early floral differentiation, as well as an advance that had not been obtained before with other granulates.

The Golf Club at Johnson Ranch – Customer Testimony

The Golf Club @ Johnson Ranch has been watering the course with 100% effluent water for the past ten years.

Over time, the sodium levels in our soil have become toxic. In 2015, I started adding a product from Biofeed to my winter overseed spray program called Super-C. Super-C contains organic acids which chelate and dissolve insoluble minerals to enhance plant uptake and buffer free sodium to reduce toxicity and help leach it out of the root zone.

Since adding this to my spray program, I have been able to use 1/3 less products (Fe, Urea) in each application. That winter season I noticed the color to be excellent and the grass was able to maintain its rich dark color for much longer without excessive growth.

I have continued to use Super-C year round and have been very pleased with the response I’m seeing in the condition to my turf. I would definitely recommend using Biofeed products, especially Super-C, for anyone having soil and sodium issue.

Timothy S. West
Director of Agronomy
The Golf Club @ Johnson Ranch
San Tan Valley, Arizona

Grayhawk Golf Club – Customer Testimony

Grayhawk Golf Club Logo

Biofeed Testimony,

For the last 2 years, Grayhawk Golf Club has utilized the products from Biofeed. I was looking for a product that was easy to use, cost effective, and that would increase nutrient uptake to the plant. We cover all three areas with many of the products from Biofeed. The main product that we use with any nutrients going out on the turf, whether fairway, tees or greens is their Super–C (Soil-Plus). It is my catalyst to improve Ag grade products to a specialty product without the high costs.

Biofeed’s Amino-Carbon Technology is light years ahead of the competition. My greens have continued to be firmer, faster, and have better root structure since we have been on a complete Biofeed program. My clipping yields on greens are very consistent each and every day, producing great putting surfaces without compromising turf quality. My fairways continue to transition from Ryegrass back to Bermuda grass better every year with less inputs.

By using Biofeed’s product line, it helps Grayhawk continue to have great playing surfaces without increasing operational costs.

Ernie Pock
Director of Turf Management

Grayhawk Golf Club
8615 E. Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Office # (480) 502-2506

Tree Root Basics and Deep Root Feeding

rootsRoot systems consist of larger perennial roots and smaller, short-lived, feeder roots. The small feeder roots constitute the major portion of the root system’s surface area. Feeder roots grow out from large woody roots and usually grow up toward the soil surface. At the surface, feeder roots mix with lawn and shrub roots and compete for the water, oxygen and nutrients that are more abundant near the surface. Trees and plants growing in urban areas seldom develop taproots, which significantly decreases longevity and overall tree health.

Root Basics: Soil Biological health has a dynamic effect on tree growth above and below ground.

The root system of a tree performs many vital functions. Roots store food needed to produce spring foliage- they absorb and transport water and minerals from the soil- and roots anchor the tree to the ground –Just for starters! However, it is important to consider that he condition and quality of the SOIL and the living rhizosphere will determine the longevity and overall health of the trees and shrubs in any landscape setting.

The major function of feeder roots is the absorption of water and minerals. Feeder roots are usually located throughout the entire area under the canopy of a tree. Under healthy soil conditions as much as 50 percent of the root system grows beyond the drip line and may extend as far as the height of the tree. Amazing stuff!

Healthy Soil Builds Healthy Trees

Soil research combined with old-school fundamentals indicates that the emphasis should be placed more on feeding and conditioning the soil and increasing the oxygen levels below ground, thereby enhancing the growing conditions for the proliferation of beneficial AEROBIC soil organisms. In addition, it is important to supply nutrients in an organic or organically buffered solution to protect aerobic soil life from potential toxicity.

As in any feeding or fertilizing program, ignoring the needs of soil organisms such as earthworms or microbes will result in poor biological soil health. This will inevitably have a negative affect the health of the trees and plants living in such soil. A growing number of tree and landscape professionals today realize the need for natural soil care and its long term benefits.

One common method of feeding established trees and plants is “Deep-Root Feeding” or “Injection Feeding.” This is usually done using a pressurized deep-root probe or injection device that places a solution of select nutrients and sometimes liquefied organic additives into the root zone where hungry roots can take them into the entire plant system.

Biofeed® ARBOR-PLUS™ is a fertilizer & soil management product which provides ingredients in a highly concentrated liquid formula that will create a more balanced and natural soil environment to help you grow healthier trees and shrubs!

Apply Biofeed® Arbor-Plus™ today and see healthier, vital trees!

Biofeed Arbor-PlusARBOR-PLUS™ provides a balanced organic blend of primary and micronutrients plus plant derived amino acids in a liquid concentrate. These promote quicker healing, deep root growth and strong vertical and horizontal growth of trees & shrubs.

ARBOR-PLUS™ Promotes more balanced biological growth by enzymatically releasing oxygen to support the growth of Aerobic microbes living below ground. Its trace nutrients are organically chelated for rapid uptake to promote deep green leaf color while it supplies essential nutrients commonly lost due to leaching. Helps to reduce disease conditions!

ARBOR-PLUS™ is an easy-to-use and cost-effective concentrated liquid that should be diluted in water for quick and easy application as a professional Deep Root Feed (DRF) solution or foliar spray application. Promotes balanced leaf, stem and root growth of all types of trees & shrubs and may be applied year-round!