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The Role Earthworms Play

Earthworms make your soil fertile! Sidewalks littered with dead earthworms are a sure signal that fertilizers, weed killers and other landscape chemicals have turned your landscape’s soil into a toxic environment. Nothing good grows in toxic soil. It is even worse when beneficial earthworms and microbes die. Toxic soil eventually has a negative impact on the health of trees, plants, flowers, shrubs, and turf.

Earthworms and Soil Fertility

Earthworms aerate soil and pull nutrients down where they can be used by plants. The relationship between earthworms, soil structure and soil fertility are studied across the world. Soil fertility is the inherent capacity of soil to supply nutrients to plants in adequate amounts and in suitable proportions. Soil teeming with biological activity – such as earthworms – is a good sign.

  • Redistribute organic materials within the soil
  • Increase soil penetrability and water retention capacity
  • Increase microbial activity
  • Influence the supply of nutrients
  • Improve plant growth
  • Signal an increased food supply in the soil
  • Have beneficial effects on soil fertility

What This Means to You

Many landscape professionals have switched to organic soil builders and natural-based fertilizers. They realize the need for natural soil care and its long-term benefits. Even with all the focus on eco-friendly products, toxins still lurk in some landscape products. It may be time for you to ask questions of your professional landscaper. Make sure you know what is going onto and into your soil – no toxins allowed!

The Advantage of Biofeed® Products

Based on Nature

Biofeed products are based on natural and organic substances that will not burn plants or toxify the soil the way chemical products do, even if over-applied.

Conditions the Soil

Biofeed products stimulate preferred aerobic microbes that help build healthier soil and protect plants and turf naturally. Through enhanced microbial action, even hard clay soils convert to a crumb structure, resulting in a humus-rich environment.

Releases Tied-Up Nutrients

Biofeed’s powerful organic acids convert tied-up soil nutrients – including nitrogen, to a more stable form that hungry roots want to absorb. Synthetic fertilizers, on the other hand, force-feed nutrients into your plants and turf. In addition, Biofeed’s powerful chelation (key-la-shun) action dissolves hard mineral build-up from calcium and iron that contributes to soil compaction and clogs irrigation filters and drip emitters. This makes Biofeed products ideal for use in automatic fertigation systems.

Reduces Water Usage

The Biofeed soil conditioning process works – over time – and separates soil particles into a softer, crumbly, aerified structure that improves water penetration with increased water holding capacity.

Fixes Carbon in the Soil

Biofeed® eco-friendly products create a live soil environment that not only produces thriving landscapes but also creates better conditions for soil to absorb carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to be stored and used below ground where nature intended.

Environmentally Safe

Biofeed® products eliminate the need for harsh toxic chemical fertilizers. While toxic chemicals seep into water tables, streams, rivers, and lakes, apply Biofeed® with a clean and clear conscience – knowing that you’re applying a product that is a true natural soil builder and earthworms love it!

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