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Increase crop yield with Chetrol. Image making any fertilizer you use, yes any, more efficient! Chetrol frees locked-up nutrients in the soil and makes them available to roots and plants. Where unhealthy soil conditions exist, fertilizer can remain locked-up in the soil and unavailable to roots and plants. Locked-up fertilizer is useless fertilizer. The agents in CHETROL™ envelope and bind around applied fertilizer. Once enveloped with the chelate agent, the fertilizer penetrates through the root or leaf wall. Once inside the plant the chelate action continues by releasing the fertilizer (nutrients and minerals) into the plant.

The effect of your applied fertilizer increases. Plant health and yield increases. And, since more effective, LESS fertilizer is needed to get the same job done.

The One, Two Punch

How much better the outcome when degraded soil is restored to healthy soil with SOIL-PLUS®. The results are spectacular! By natural design, healthy soil is aerobic and teeming with microorganisms, allows for deep root growth, enables easy uptake of nutrients into the roots and plant, and easily absorbs water.

NOTE: CHETROL™ or SOIL-PLUS® can be combined with any fertilizer or pesticide and can be applied based on your crop schedule.


Biofeed® products contains our exclusive base additive, Acti-Cell Technology® (ACT) to help
reduce sodium toxicity, balance water biology, and improve root and soil interactions.


Distributor Testimonial

“We have hundreds of customers that grow many crops and grasses such as Olives, Kale, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Fruits, Nuts and Golf Course Turf that use CHETROL™ through spray applications and through their irrigation. In every case the lines remain clean of sodium and mineral build-up and the soil is noticeably softer. Fertilizers also work much better and we can reduce the application rates of them. We are happy to be the Distributor of Biofeed® Products here in Spain!”    – Joaquin Pastor, President , Cosaveg S.A.