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SOIL-PLUS® and NUTRA-PLUS® Neutralizes Soil Salt and Promotes Beautiful Growth and Blooming! (Cave Creek, Arizona) USA

Neutralize salt in soil to increase plant growth. A one-year-old property needed help. (Un-named due to a confidentiality agreement.) Salts, which are native in Arizona’s soil and water, often accumulate in and around the root-zone of turf, trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers. The salt can accumulate to a toxic level eventually causing death to plants. Why? The salt component is absorbed by roots and foliage and becomes concentrated in actively growing tissue and often results in leaf burn and plant die-back.

Prior to Biofeed®, this entire landscape was treated with sulfuric acid for over one (1) full year and the salt accumulation persisted.

After Biofeed’s consultation, this same landscape was treated every 30 days for 3 months during a trial period to determine the effect of applied Biofeed SOIL-PLUS® and NUTRA-PLUS® products to improve soil conditions and to provide nutrition with the goal of reversing the damage done by toxic salt and sulfuric acid build up.

NOTE: The same water irrigation source was, and is used for all vegetation on the property.

Salt in SoilEvidence of Salt Accumulation Prior to Applying Biofeed® SOIL-PLUS® and NUTRA-PLUS®


Landscape managers are constantly trying to soften their soil and alleviate salt buildup to allow for improved root and plant growth. This process improves the quality of their installed landscapes by reducing plant replacement costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Finding products that improve soil microbial activity, increase organic matter, and support root structure while maintaining profitability should be the goal of every landscape manager.


Biofeed SOIL-PLUS® and NUTRA-PLUS® were applied at a rate of 1 gallon and 2.5 gallons respectively, per acre every 30 days by a preinstalled fertilizer injection system. The landscape manager followed a normal watering cycle, and the results were dramatic.


Within 2-weeks of the feeding process, the landscape showed significant improvement. The leaves on all the plants were 75% greener. By the end of the second month the growth was consistent, and the leaves were 100% greener. By the end of the third month the plants were facing full Arizona heat with the afternoon temperatures nearing 110° to 115° and while they were slightly declining, the growth was substantially greater. The new growth was evident, and the flowers were in full bloom!


The reduction of salt enabled optimal plant growth and overall plant health as can be seen in the photos below. This is the same plant border with photos taken at 1 month and 3 months post application of Biofeed®.

After 1 Month (Improved Plant Health, Growing)

After 3 Months (Filled In, Full Bloomed)