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Ernie Pock

For the last 2 years, Grayhawk Golf Club has utilized the products from Biofeed. I was looking for a product that was easy to use, cost effective, and that would increase nutrient uptake to the plant. We cover all three areas with many of the products from Biofeed. The main product that we use with any nutrients going out on the turf, whether fairway, tees or greens is their Super-C (Soil-Plus). It is my catalyst to improve Ag grade products to a specialty product without the high costs.

Biofeed’s Acti-Cell Technology is light years ahead of the competition. My greens have continued to be firmer, faster, and have better root structure since we have been on a complete Biofeed program. My clipping yields on greens are very consistent each and every day, producing great putting surfaces without compromising turf quality. My fairways continue to transition from Ryegrass back to Bermuda grass better every year with less inputs.

By using Biofeed’s product line, it helps Grayhawk continue to have great playing surfaces without increasing operational costs.