Organic Molecules that Mimic Nature’s Nutrient Delivery System

Biofeed® products come to life through our Amino-Cell Technology® (ACT) base additive. Creation of Biofeed® ACT starts with our proprietary multi-enzymatic process of biological transformation which converts select plant extracts and intracellular components into a concentrate of organic acids and bio-stimulants that promote the growth of both plant cells and aerobic soil organisms to enhance natural soil fertility. Biofeed® ACT products are University tested and time-proven to enhance both cellular growth and nutrient availability leading to improved plant growth and crop production.

ACT® Remains an Effective Alternative to Mined and Processed Humic Acid

Why Amino-Cell Technology?

ACT® naturally includes one (1) atom of carbon with each individual molecule of L-form Amino Acid. Without such an atom present, there would be no Amino Acids. The L-form amino acids found in ACT® link together in chains, which as a group naturally surround nutrients to allow easier absorption by roots and leaves and are required for plant metabolic processes as the building blocks of proteins.

This is a natural process that takes place every day around the planet. Amino Acids are formed by bacterial cells, and then decompose. Sometimes the metabolic compounds may form additional Amino Acids and yet others may simply degrade back into the environment where they can one day become reformed back into a part of the worlds living system. With every biochemical reaction on this earth, there is a cycle. We benefit from every one of them and the Amino Acid cycle is yet another pathway to life with full thanks to Our Creator- Jehovah God.

NOTE: Amino acids share the same fundamental structure, which consists of a central carbon atom, also known as the alpha carbon (C), bonded to an Amino Group (NH2), a Carboxyl Group (COOH), and to a Hydrogen (H) atom.

So, Why Call it ACT or Amino-Cell Technology?

We named it what it is. ACT is not produced by a random inclusion of humates or humic acids which are usually extremely high in carbon. When it comes to enhancing natural carbon absorption from the air, we rely on our ACT® to energize the soil and plant to naturally “fix” CO2 right from the air, the same way that soil and plants have been grabbing CO2 or Carbon Dioxide since the beginning, since Creation of Our Earth.

What Does ACT® Do?

The active components found in ACT® dissolve insoluble soil nutrients allowing for improved uptake by plant roots. ACT® remains active in the soil long after application where it improves the soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

ACT® releases oxygen and hydrogen through the action of specialized enzymes which cleave water (H2O) molecules, thus releasing elemental oxygen and hydrogen into water and within the soil below ground to maintain a healthier aerobic root-zone. Increased oxygen and hydrogen also improve oxidation and reduction reactions that mobilize nutrients and stimulate the activity of beneficial aerobic microbes to readily digest or destroy harmful chemical compounds which may accumulate within the soil.

ACT® helps to reduce sodium toxicity, balance water biology, improve root and soil interactions, and has been proven effective over a period of more than three decades through agricultural, aquaculture, environmental, and turf-grass university studies world-wide.

ACT® is produced at our manufacturing facility located in Glendale, Arizona-USA and serves as the foundation formula for all of Biofeed’s environmental and aquatic products, fertilizers and soil management product lines.

Biofeed® Products with ACT® Support Carbon Sequestration

Biofeed products are formulated to stimulate the uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) within plants and soil via natural fixation of carbon and the conversion of nitrates into organic forms of nitrogen. Biofeed products support nature’s existing design for carbon and nitrate management.

NOTE: Please refer to Independent Third-Party Testing and Field Studies TG-17 and TG-18 at:  Field and University Studies

Biofeed’s Exclusive Amino-Cell Technology®: A Break-Through in Cellular Nutrition!


Organic Based Nutrition

Maintaining an active microbial system in soil is the key to the bio-elimination of toxic chemicals and maximizing soil fertility. Like plants, microbes require nutrients to support their metabolic activities. Nutrients are described as elements that are essential for the growth or maintenance of bacteria and higher life forms. The molecular composition of microbial cells is fairly constant and indicates the nutritional requirements for growth. Water and carbon constitute 90% or more of cellular weight and are always major nutrients. Organic wastes in soils, waterways and sewage treatment facilities can provide these elements. However, a portion of the essential nutrients required for complete destruction of organic pollutants requires specialized nutrient complexes that support digestion of these matters into basic elements such as carbon dioxide, water and minerals. These specialized nutrients are components of Biofeed’s product base formula ACT® which is generated from highly concentrated and proprietary plant derived ingredients and production methods. These natural compounds function as dynamic microbial accelerators and when applied to both plants and soils these stimulate cellular growth of plants and proliferation of indigenous beneficial aerobic microbial systems that are conducive to complete bio-oxidation of organic pollutants and chemical matters.

This vital enzymatic process is used to produce our Amino-Cell Technology® (ACT). A variation of nutritional combinations of ACT® and nutrients are used to formulate over 55 different Biofeed products. Biofeed products deliver a compelling growth promoting effect at the cellular level to facilitate minute changes that bring dynamic results.


Enzymes are organic catalysts consisting of complex functional proteins. They play a vital role in all living cells. The biochemical reactions that support life are directly carried out by the catalyzing effect of enzymes. Reactions that would otherwise take many years to complete instead occur in mere moments due to enzyme function. All plant cells are nourished only by soluble nutrients. This solubilization of nutrients is accomplished to a great degree by the activity of a variety of enzymes. Enzymes are specific in reaction, for example, Protease is specific for protein, Urease is specific for urea, and our newly discovered H20-dehydrogenase (HDH) Enzyme System is specific for hydrogen=oxygen bonds, resulting in the release of elemental oxygen and hydrogen into the soil and water environment as it affects the water molecule. Biofeed products supply specialized enzyme-based products to stimulate the metabolic rate of soil and water borne aerobic microorganisms and to improve the mobility of tied-up nutrients, which in turn boost crop production and enhance the bio-oxidation and digestion of a wide variety of environmental pollutants.

Growth Stimulants/Hormones

A variety of growth stimulants are produced in the metabolic processes of certain bacteria, yeasts, molds and cyanobacteria. These include auxins, gibberellins, cytokinin’s, florigen, vitamins, hormones and salicylic acids. These promote a variety of essential cellular activities such as root growth, healing processed, cell elongation, bud production and fruiting. In soils it has been determined that several of these natural compounds accelerate microbial activity resulting in improved soil fertility and subsequent root and plant growth. Extensive scientific research has further show that these biostimulants have a definitive and positive effect on the physiology of plant growth and crop production. The negative environmental impact caused by pesticides, herbicides, defoliant residue, and the overuse or misuse of chemically derived fertilizers has resulted in destroying much of the growth of beneficial microbial systems in soils which would otherwise naturally produce and supply plants with these much needed biostimulants. Biofeed products supply these biostimulants at rates that have been determined by extensive field studies to provide maximum benefit to soil, plant and water systems.

Organic Acids

Organic acids are active components in Biofeed products. These include light weight molecular compounds including, carboxylic, P~beta hydroxy acid and over 20 other identified organic functional groups. These organic acids are generated through a series of proprietary submerged culture techniques to produce our Amino-Cell Technology (ACT). Therefore, ACT assists a variety of beneficial biochemical reactions that improve the solubility of tied-up mineral nutrients to improve natural nutrition for plant-life and biological systems found in soils and water. The organic acids found in our ACT function as chelating agents. Chelates are unique organic molecules comprising of a multivalent compound which capture individual nutrient elements thus holding them in a soluble state for easier plant up-take. ACT also acts as a natural neutralizer that reduces pressure from sodium and mineral salt accumulation, thus aiding in the detoxifying of harmful chemical residues and which may be present in both soils and waters.

ACT®: Benefits by Product Group

Biofeed® Foliar Fertilizers with ACT:

  • Efficient foliar feeding and higher leaf absorption
  • Easy to use, super-concentrated liquid products with lower handling and shipping costs
  • Reduced nutrients applied per acre/hectare with better efficiency and lower application costs
  • pH buffered to reduce harm to leaves when used according to labeled directions
  • Mixes well and applies easily with most agrichemicals, PGR’s and pesticides
  • Reduce fertilizer residues due to lower use rates
  • Increase crop yield and quality significantly
  • Strengthen plant cell growth
  • Aids natural sugar (BRIX) production within the plant for uniform fruit sizing and enhanced flavor
  • Feed natural plant metabolic pathways where timing of application is not critical for effectiveness
  • Guide your crops to maximum yields with select nutritional applications
  • Reduce/prevent most crop nutritional deficiencies
  • Reduced crop management costs

Biofeed® Soil Products with ACT:

  • Release insoluble nutrients in all soil types
  • Improve oxygen content of the soil and root zone
  • Support aerobic microbes living in the soil below ground
  • Reduce presence of anaerobic root rot or black layer
  • Buffer free sodium in soil and root zone
  • Improve soil physical characteristics
  • Increase soil biomass with each application
  • Enhance water penetration and holding capacity
  • Increase root growth naturally
  • Lower inputs to obtain desired results
  • Support soil biological cell functions
  • Remains active and soluble long after application
  • Create sustainable soil fertility

Biofeed® Bioremediation Products with ACT:

  • Leave behind no harmful chemical residues or contaminants that harm our environment
  • Rapid decontamination of specific toxins which cannot be accomplished by conventional remedial methods
  • Requires minimal personal protective gear for application and zero site re-entry requirements
  • Easy to use, concentrated liquid products, safe and proven technology
  • Neutralizes salts, chemical residues, and heavy metals

Biofeed® Aquaculture Products with ACT:

  • Releases pure elemental oxygen into the water to support aquatic life
  • Increase fish and shrimp production and quality significantly
  • Stimulate naturally occurring aerobic microbes
  • Support the metabolism of aerobic microbes that thrive in water to aid in sludge digestion

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