BioFeeder® S-Series 2-Gallon and 5-Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Fertilizer Injectors are Tested, Proven and DURABLE!

BioFeeder® S-Series is an easy to install, AFFORDABLE, and easy to use top-quality fertilizer injector!

More efficient than traditional, manual fertilizer spreaders. Made from stainless steel and powered by water flow, the BioFeeder® S-Series is the perfect solution for using automation to apply Biofeed Liquid Fertilizers on a range of landscapes to green up the landscape, soften and build better soil, and SAVE WATER!

Landscape Professionals

Install a BioFeeder® on your customers’ homes or commercial landscapes, and improve your revenue by providing a scheduled refill service (a.k.a. fertigation system) using Biofeed® Fertilizers. The micro-dosed application process is calculated to help you grow award-winning lawns, trees, shrubs, gardens and flowers for your clients!

Your customers will love the benefits and they may never want to hire another landscaper after they see the green and colorful landscape YOU have created with Biofeed!

BioFeeder® is designed for exclusive use with Biofeed® Fertilizers. Using non-Biofeed products may clog or corrode the unit.

About the Design

BioFeeder® S-Series are non-electric and operate when water flow is present in the main line and are designed for simple installation above or below ground.

Each BioFeeder® S-Series unit includes our patented, easy-to-install lance and clamp, which allow for quick and easy connection. You do not need to cut INTO the water line!

Simply drill a 9/16″ hole with the included drill bit, clamp on the lance, install and fill the tank with Biofeed Fertilizer, and (POOF) you’re fertilizing the plant-life and softening the soil! Plus, you’ll save water!

How Much Fertilizer to Use

Consider the composition of your yard with regard to the mixture of turf, shrubs and plants. Then determine your yard size. See the charts below to learn what you need to add to your BioFeeder® every 30 days. (Click the graphic to enlarge.)

fertilizer injectors

“We have been maintaining the landscapes of more than 40 high-end homes in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona for over 5 years and on every home we install either a BioFeeder S-2 or S-5 unit. Our properties look awesome and our customers know that we use Biofeed products to make them that way! In fact they love the results so much that they remind me to keep their injectors filled with Biofeed!”

Dustin Moss, PresidentA to Z Tree & Turf LLC
Some sites or conditions may require the addition of other Biofeed® products or technology. Consult a Biofeed® Account Representative for specialized applications.